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Pictures of me and my homie smoking marijuana..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr.bubbles, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. nice roll

    edit what u lace it with
  2. Looks like coke.
  3. theres some pills on the table coudl be those?
  4. niiiiiice bubles im toree up!!
  5. Looks liek coke on the table (the straw hints that aswell,) and also 2 xanix pills (peaches)
  6. i assume it is some xanax on there, not coke(but i might be wrong)

    looks like fun bubbles. maybe a little trip will be necessary here in a few weeks, maybe grill out with jeremy
  7. looks nice man, hope it was fun. :D

    whats that laced with anyway?
  8. i dont hang out with jermey much anymore...tokin...yeah it was xanax i forgot about that..hahaha wow im gunna smoke the blunt erooach
  9. looks like fun man. You remind me of myself, we got the same hair.
  10. coool as hell
  11. make that three with the same hair
  12. hahahaha im so baked right guys should be here
  13. hahaha, niice bubbles...Xanax is still on my list to try
  14. haha thatd b bad ass. Im probly gonna smoke a bowl out of my bong in a little.
  16. perscriptions to xanax is one of the easiest things in the world to get. just go to the doctor and tell him you sometimes feel nervious and have panic attacks in public places *sometimes*. hell sometimes they just give you bottles of xanax for stupid reasons

    also I say sometimes because if you say you feel nervious all the time he'll think your fucked up and paranoid, prob give you assloads of valium and other drugs that will pretty much tranq you the entire day (not good tranq either)
  17. You can smoke xanax? Does that do anything to its effects?
  18. yeah i do..but damn am i high
  19. Nice shotgun pic....those things always fuck me up

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