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Discussion in 'General' started by brian hobo, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. here are a couple good pictures i took out of the bunch i have. let me know what you think, feedback is appreciated. thanks.

  2. i love the second one. its lke theres so much there but nothing to see, lol i love being weirdly deep
  3. wow... haha now i gota pm this guy
  4. thank's man, that was after a snow storm at the park across the street from my house. the sunset picture was also taken there. it's a nice place in both summer and winter. i go there into the woods a lot and toke, it's got some cool views.
  5. i've always wanted to take photos like that, i just never get round to it, i spend to much time thinking about things that are beyond my comprhension.

    i might dig out my old camras and take some pics of things i wanna sho u guys, cos at the moment i find myself sitting thinking and not getting much out of my life
  6. The second one is my favorite. I like the ligthing on the notebook one and the backround is cool. The skateboard guy is kinda erie. Howd you get it to do that? The house one looks like a strange man lives there.

    Is the second one a black and white picture or does it just look that way?

  7. the skating one is a long exposure but i used a flash which was timed just right. luke: i don't like deviantart, too slow. me and my buddy ordered a domain and once we get the hosting set up i'll use that as my portfolio.
  8. in some of the pics you used a flash when it may have been better not to, it cuts down the detail in some places

    some nice stuff tho. i like the snowy street
  9. ^not a street, it's a walkway through a park. does it appear to be as wide as a street?
  10. aww man the second one is really cool. thats the kind of pathway i like to walk on whilst high. u may very well have a talent my friend, hmm yes indeed
  11. damn dude, that looks like a tight little town you live in
  12. nice pics... West Hartford Town Hall??? CT REPRESENT!!!
    <--- fairfield

  13. recognize bitches! haha any spots around hartford you've been to? in the next coming weekends, once it gets warmer i'm hopefully gonna skate around hartford taking pictures. i'll be sure to share them here if i do.
  14. where's the weed?
  15. Those are all really awesome...Keep it up dude, nice shit
  16. the piano, notebook, and street ones are trippy.. like the mind tunnel thing when high
  17. yeah man, i want to get more of those transparent type pictures. thanks for all the feedback guys.
  18. Cool pics man! I'm digging the see-through skateboarder. I want something like that with me mid-double kickflip or something. Thats about all I got going for me anymore.

  19. All of the pics are awesome. You have a great sense for perspective shots. Do you print your own? If so, give double negatives a whirl. That will allow you to get the translucence you're looking for.

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