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    You're thoughts?
  2. He needs to ask for a $1 and go get something to eat.
  3. Gives you a little insight into the forgotten human class.
  4. so its a homeless guy outside a mcdonalds. yea i know this is supposed to be artsy, but hey vagrancy happens.
  5. I think it's McAwesome...ha ha...ha...:rolleyes: (corny, sorry)

    Did you do it, AK ?
  6. That picture is really upsetting. I live in a mid-sized college town and we have a few homeless people here as well, a few of which also seem to be suffering from mental illness. It is an utter shame that these people are left to fend for themselves, forgotten by society, whether it is "their choice" or not. No human should have to live like that.
  7. Baaah. You can have sympathy for the homeless and distrust for corporations but I hate it when people just lump every left-wing cause together. Like those free-palestine-no-war-save-the-environment-down-with Bush marches. He looks pretty miserable and I'd give him some change but it's not McDonald's fault that he's a bum.

    Also is it me or is that trashcan ENORMOUS
  8. there is such thing as welfare, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters. i cant stand panhandlers.

    EDIT: i just realized that this might set off a politics war, and i might come off as a complete asshole.
  9. Hey, it's just like every single store near where I live. I swear, you can't have a McDonalds, 7/11, or convienence store in Boston without a standard "homeless guy" to hustle you for your money. Since I have to put up with so many of their jackass comments when I don't give them money, I know most of them are sharp enough to maintain a job. It's also a fun time to talk to them when you're drunk because they'll talk to anyone. Ok I'm high and rambling so let me finish up: There are two kinds of homeless, the kind who have a choice and those who don't. I do feel sorry for the ones who don't have a choice but I hardly come across those. Most seem to be able to speak just fine, have no problem just standing in one place (the requirement to work at McDonalds), and can hold a conversation. All the while every single storefront on the strip by me has a "Help Wanted" sign, to the point where they'll hire people who don't speak english. And somehow, I never see the same bums. I'm sorry if I'm a bit bitter, but I literally can't leave my apartment without having more than one person hussle me for change, most of the time somewhat aggressivly. I work a minimum wage job for my money and I don't need people unwilling to work ask me to give it to them 8 times a day.
  10. On the other hand, homeless people are cool(except the crazy ones down at our inner harbour sitting on a bench talking to someone whos not next to them yelling "YOU WANT ME TO SUCK YOUR COCK?" and then the girl around the corner yelling fuck you at everyone for not getting a dime when shes being a bitch.
  11. Agreed....there are definitely homeless people who are just plain lazy and could hold a job if they wanted to. Everytime i go into the city (NYC) I encounter all those types, and they are awfully aggressive. I just feel really bad for the ones who are tossed out on the streets like garbage because they are too sick to take medication and have no one who cares enough about them to get help for their illness or to get them in some sort of facility.
  12. I agree, AndyPL, i just like the tie to how humans living in our culture of gluttony and excess can still be starving and malnourished.
  13. i find that picture to be kind of rude, McDonalds, a multi-billion dollar industry, why cant they just give the dude a big-mac?..

    I know, he's a bum, but some people weren't raised as we were, they didnt have family, my friend's a bum, and he's only 21, his mom left him when he was 13, he refused to go to a foster home, so he sleeps on the streets, i try to help him as much as possible, but i dont pitty him really, Its not hard to find a job now-a-days..
  14. I personally dont see anything wrong with the picture. I dont want to seem to be saying who cares about homeless people but, if they want to, they can get out of being homeless. There are so many places they can go and work to get themselves out of being homeless. There are exceptions, but for the most part they can get out of homlessness. I never give money to any person asking for it, you arent doing the person a favor at all. If i ever give a homeless person anything, its a number to call for help.. just my 2 cents

  15. fuck bums. go get a job you lazy fucks.
  16. This picture shows reality.

    No sorrows, No happiness.


  17. hahathats pretty funny
  18. more people world wide recognise the mcdonalds arches than the christian cross.

  19. youre evil. not even humorous.
  20. Also, I think a lot of people have the impression that you can't get a job if you're homeless because no one will hire you because you look like crap and don't have a home. But that's really not the case. Sure, McDonalds *probably* won't hire you, but I've worked at a warehouse that had the following employees:

    Crackhead who goes in and out of prison all the time.
    Numberous people who could not speak a single word of english and did not really have a home (that means illegal immigrants, for everyone who didn't catch it by now).
    This guy who was so old he couldn't really hear or see, all I saw him do was sit around. I think he drove truck.
    And to balance it all out, a university graduate who found out that a crappy degree from a crappy state school equals working in a warehouse.

    So I guess what I'm saying is, the guy who ran the warehouse would have gladly hired a homeless person since they were already more qualified than half the people who worked there.

    Also, did you know that almost half of homeless people are already employeed? Every wonder why you don't see them all the time? Ever wonder why even though you'll see 12 people begging for money, you only see one guy sleeping outside at night?

    What super pissed me off were the two times I saw homeless guys talking on cell phones.

    I have pity for the homeless who didn't choose to be that way, but sweet flying fuck, there are so few of them. And the really strange thing is, the people I see who are *really* homeless (in that they live in a tent by the river, or I see them sleeping under an umbrella) never ask me for money. I want to give those people my change, not the fat guy in a leather jacket outside of 7-11.

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