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  1. almost 4 weeks

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  2. Is this good for 80 watts of CW flourescent?

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  3. looks promising

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  4. that looks great for a floro grow.
  5. Well Im happy to hear that... this is good news, she is getting bigger everyday...not taller, but bigger, (she hasnt grown a whole inch since starting flowering)... I am going to try something here soon...its a surpise (and certianly will be if it works) but if it works, she will triple what her finnished size will be, in a very short period of time....but till it works...its a secret...mwa ha ha ha, MWA HA HA HA HA.....:::choke, cough:::
  6. I only hope that this starter I have will turn out that good. That looks kick ass for floro. Do you give it sun too? Why'd you flower at only 4 weeks? Congrats on the grow.

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  7. Thanks, ill let ya know if it works.

    This picture was taken at around the fourth week of flowering, not four veg. I flowered aftert about 5-6 weeks of vegging, took a while to reach the foot and a half mark, it would have soon outgrown the cabinet. anyway, so i flowered at 1 1/2' ... i did pull it out a few times in the sun, but as its RARE to see any sun these days, it hasnt gotten that much...

    Take care.

    your baby looks nice by the way, keep it alive alright.
  8. Thank you Mr arse for that lovely interpretation on flourescents...

    Id like to see some pictures if thats possible, while your at it, snap a shot of your water too eh? And speaking of which...

    last night I did some searching, ( I tried to keep it in the UK, but thats hard for some reason...gee, maybe cuse im in the US...Im brilliant.) on that water topic, trying to find out what your condition might be without any luck, there are just too numurous possibilities, and Im not familiar with the treatments in the UK...but...besides being obviously "Bad" anything with black chunks in it cant be safe...Id take a glass up to your college (do you mean university now? this is what im assuming, I noted someone said that college is the last 2 years of high school in the UK, so i dunno, jus guessing) and after they say its fit to drink, ask them to take a nice big swig of the shit, and then youll cease to push the issue, just pretend you are erin brockivich...lol.. There really is no simple in home tests, unless you wish to spend a few bucks and order a water testing kit...which wont be very cheap, I went on your cambridge water company site and they dont exactly give any relevant info, as they claim 98 point some odd number percentage of tests done showed excelent quality, Perhaps blow them an email (just check thier site) with your prediciment and Im sure they would run a test free of charge, as they dont want a bad name....

    I would try that first, then if they give no response, Ill have ya send it here and ill send it to michigan tech! then you can send your results in to the company and than youll recieve a payoff check from them to keep your mouth shut about all the shit they let pass through and all will be tits... :) no seriously...dont drink that. Check out Equinox Water filters on the net, and seriously start thinking about grabbing one, but first FIND OUT WHATS IN IT! the BASTARDS!

    Take care.
  9. Cool runnings mon.

    Heres a few pics to lighten my day, lol.

    These are from the same bag (just seeds from smoke) but they look ver different, Is one an indica, can anyone tell this by looks?

    the one on the left is about 2 weeks now, and the one on the right is from way back when I first started growing, from my first posted picture! ha. ive stunted it long enough, I put it into flowering just to se what happens, the one on the left is my next biggen.

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  10. Take care...

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  11. Are ye all stumped?

    argh matey.... Yoor all too bizzy watchin savin' grace arent ye!... argh...

    lol... dont ask.

    funny movie though. wouldnt a plant like hers be wonderful.

    take care.
  12. funny actually....

    when i first started,
    I planted two seeds in a coffee can and instead of clipping one off when they shot up, I let them both grow in the same container and never transplanted either one of them, one (this one) was shorter than the other and so was shaded from the light for the most part, well after a few weeks of wondering if i should do something about it, and while they were becoming root bound and tangled together, I decided "what the heck" and took this one out as carefully as I could manage, but lost much of the root mass in the process, instead of transplanting into a bigger container with soil..::ha::... i took a mason jar and filled it with water from my well and added a mineral supplement to it, just to see what would happen, I then created a little top contraption (really, I do get out...lol) to hold its stem while its roots were suspended in this mineral water solution, I added a straw to the mix, to provide air to its roots, this worked for a few weeks, till my lungs started to hurt from blowing into the straw for five min at a time (im used to sucking in...lol...but not breathing out that much) so I took it out and transplanted (AND TOPPED it on top of all this abuse) it into the container you see now, viola....

    pics of all this are posted around here somewhere... but that is why its so small...the one that was in the can with it i used as a diversion from my larger plant, I couldnt take it (it was stunded anyway, and i wasnt going to transplant it, just didnt have the time) so i picked the small buds that it produced to hold me back from the big girl till shes good and ready, so it all workd out.

    gotta try new things!
    Take care.
  13. November fourth...

    Its a beeeutiful thing.

    not bad for a first timer eh?

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  14. hmm?

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  15. mmm

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  16. mwa ha ha

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  17. aww.. I was lookin forward to seein your babies... maybe next time eh... till then enjoy mine :)~ looks tasty dont it? ive been told by a few people that its the best smelling herb theyve ever encountered... how lucky can a newbie get?!, i suppose i should clone it soon... arggh.

    take care.
  18. damn that looks real good, how many watts of fluoro u say you had it under? Right now i got 2 seedlings doing great, i have 1 40 watt fluoro and 1 compac 15 watt fluoro. I plan on buying 1 to 2 more 40 watters, u think this will grow me a nice looking plant like that?
  19. I have a total of 80w cw tube lights (two 40's) this is it, so I think anything above this amount can only produce better results! as long as your other conditions are good (good soil mix...etc), i see no reason you should not get at least the same results as Ive had thus far. all you can do is give it a shot!. post your results when they are in!

    take care...

    thanks everyone, for the help getting to the point I am today...


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