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Picture Guide to Amounts of Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by 420L, Dec 19, 2008.

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    Hey GC

    Many people are always asking "can you show me an 1/8 or a quarter"or something like that and I decided to make a thread about roughly how much a certain amount of weed is. These statements about how many people last and pictures are again a general idea of what they are and may not be 100% accurate according to some people. Hope it helps.





    This is your standard gram, otherwise known as a dimebag. Grams are the bags that piss your dealer off when you always buy them. Good for a 2-3 person blunt. Average prices run $10-$20. Anything above that, your getting ripped.



    This is your standard 1/8 otherwise known as an eigth, slice, or cut. This amount of weed is more commonly bought than grams but your dealer would probably not drive to you to sell it. Good for 2-4 people lasting about a weekend rolling gram blunts. Average price is from $20-$65. Anything over that better be some crazy ass alien dope shit.




    These are your standard 1/4s otherwise known as a fourth, quad, 2 slices, or a quarter. This may last a daily smoker a week or weekend smokers about a month or 2. This is where dealers usually don't mind driving to someones crib to go sell it to you. Prices average from $70-$120 Anything over is a no-no.

    Half O


    These are your standard Half ounces otherwise known as a half, 1/2, or half zip. A half O can usually last a daily smoker about a week and a half to 2 weeks. Your dealer has no problem driving to you to go sell it. Prices average $100-$180.




    These are your average Oz's otherwise known as ounce, O, or zip. This will last a daily smoker about 2 weeks-month of smoking and a weekend smoker would need a few friends over for about 3 weeks to finish it. Dealers love selling Oz's and people love buying them. Average prices will run you $200-$450.

    Now to go over some bud quality. Remember when buying weed, amount AND quality both account for what your going to pay and prices always depend on certain factors based mostly on location and availbility.

    Low Grade


    Weed that no one should be wanting to even think about putting in a bowl. Stems and seeds are always the number one factor in being able to tell bad weed. Low grade weed is also usually broken up in bags not in nug form. Refered to as Schwag or Dirt.



    Mids are the most common and most purchased weed in the market. Usually a seed or two packed in there somehow. High's are alright and good to just look for a quick smoke sesh.

    Upper Quality


    Refered to as "high mids" or middies or sometimes headies, this is the weed you don't mind seeing when you get your baggie. Usually no seeds on the premises and is a good smoke.



    The weed you always hope to see when you buy your baggie. Always in nug form and usually has one long stem holding a big nug together. Frosty the snow man don't got shit on dank. Dank are the names like AK-47 White Rhino and That Kush. Also known as fire or bomb. Be prepared to work a few hours overtime for this shit though because the price is always jabbed up for it but it's worth the money.

    To everyone, I hope this guide has helped a little bit and made you better at eyeballing your bags ensuring you hopefully don't get ripped off. If anyone still has questions post them here and I'll be happy to assist.

    Happy Blazing:smoking:
  2. Great thread! But i think you missed beasters.
  3. There's already quite a bit of these guides around, Looks like you mainly just copied a few things but y'know whatever.

    P.S. You forgot beasters.
  4. Yeah I just used a few pictures I could find that would work.

  5. was gana say the same thing..

    and I may be wrong because the word is very rarely used around my area but I always assumed headies was dank.. relating to the head of something (the highest on the list, the boss) but like I said I could be wrong
  6. I would say its really hard to gauge the weight of bud by just sight. I have seen OZ that look like quarters.
  7. is it that hard to buy a fuckin scale? this topic has been beat to death and back...no one can "eyeball" bud accurately...
  8. well done my friend

    went through with your ambitions +reputation
  9. This is a great guide.

    Should clear up a lot of those "plz post pic" threads.
  10. I said a general idea not exactly what it is. Yeah you cant do it just eyeballin but at least it's not a total rip off. And for somepeople a scale isn't an option.

    And I'll add beasters for you guys in a little bit.
  11. Also I'll occasionally be adding new pics to help people more and get better ideas with densities.
  12. Great post and great pictures. Thanks for the informative post, +rep and 5 stars!
  13. You should try to find Half an Oz. Goes straight from 1/4 to Oz.

    Other than that, nice thread.

  14. Great picture guide! Keep up the good work!
  15. Yeah I'm gonna add that in right now.
  16. I'm sorry to say, but this guide is totally useless imo.

    You cannot really know the weight, especially if you base your response on 2-3 pictures that was taken from the internet. (aka, the same exact pictures as a thread that has been stickied in the forum...)

    Some nugs are compact, some aren't. Some are humid, some are dry.

    I think this is mostly going to induce people in error.

    A gram you say? This is what 0.8 looks like, and it's very very dry. (Moved abit while taking the pics)


    Very different from your pictures... and that proves my point. You can approximate (a normal sized nug: 0.5g, but it's highly innacurate).

    I'm replying so that people don't take this thread too seriously, it's very very innacurate.

  17. You should put a better picture of dank up :eek:

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