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  1. I was flipping through ratemyface.com and was thinking about snaping a pic and throwing it up and have a contest with lil brother and a couple friends, see who ends up with higher rating :) But then I was like hmm that not really too fun and thought about you all. Lets all throw up pictures of us really stoned, and with the girls laying naked with a pot leaf on each privite part (three total). Im pretty sure the chicks will end up with all 10's, I'll vote for ya! :p
  2. think I am about to puke now, shouldnt of asked :(

    but like we should put the ice cream man on there! Or some pictures from damn forgot the site but it was like uglist people in the world.....
  3. Dear heavenly god critter.....please tell me thats not your ass I just looked at...

    I used to run the site Uglymotherfucker.com with my buds...but we got hacked a few times and got lazy with the updates so we sold it....it made shitloads of money for us though. But thats where I origionally got the ice cream man from.

    Sometimes I get bored and go to those types of sites like hotornot.com and I always enjoy rating the really ugly ones the highest amount of points and the hot ones the lowest...just to keep the ugly's self confidence afloat and the really vein ones in check...
  4. figured out that old site i went to: uglypeople.com I will post a few on HotorNot.com or RateMyFace.com if I canm I will also try sending them your ass :)
  5. lemme know how the icecream man does
  6. will do, they take a while to like check if its not a porno pic and such.

    How old should I say he is?
  7. Im thinkin mid 20s....go for a nice wholesome age of 27...
  8. Say he is 18, girls trying to find hot guys and end up with him!

    (btw...that uglymotherfucker.com was pretty funny! good work)
  9. did you ever go to my old site?....now whenI go to it some dumbass just took all the left behind pics of our site and rearanged everything to make a little stupid trailor trash story.
  10. The trailor trash story is fuckin' funny as hell. My stepmom showed it to me. I made the trailor kid my wallpaper on my desk top ;)
  11. ARRGHHH that son of a bitch!...I just went back to uglymotherfucker for the first time in a long ass time..and not ONE picture is origional...HE EVEN HAS MY ICE CREAM MAN ON IT!....OH THATS SOOOO NOT COOL! man those were all from my site...arrgggh why didn't I copywrite those or something....ahh fudge....but I do have to admit...he put them to good use......

    Its nice of them for being so kind and putting Namron's picture on their site though.....

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  12. Shut up bitch, that's my brother ;)
  13. meeeooooow...HISS....I smell a catfight coming on...beware..the icecream man is a black belt in the sacred martial art of whoop ass
  14. It's all over, I can't think of anything mean. After I read that I pictured him saying it and it was all over ;)
  15. you...you mean...you mean I actually won a cat fight?!....YES! I ROCK!
  16. You know what they say, fighting on the internet is like competing in the special olympics, even if you win, you're still a retard ;)
  17. lol :) never heard that one before, but sounds pretty nice
  18. ...(wait...did she just call me a retard?)....
  19. yes...and said your special, lol

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