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  1. i need some good advice....and i've allways found that i've got here at this one's for Woody. Big Poppa Puff, McCurry NdicaBud,superjoint and anyone i missed out....who with you're help has managed to get my baby to this size....however i have noticed some spots and need to know what they are....please help....peace out....Sid
  2. hold on messed that pc froze...i'll get pics up soon
  3. here goes

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  4. and another

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  5. and this one

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  6. I think it over nutrient, as i added fert in the form of baby bio sticks but then found out that the soil itself has enough fert in it for toi last the first 3 weeks, so it was time to re-pot her into a bigger container, so i got rid of at least one of the sticks....and i don't seem to have the spots appearing on any of the new leaves.....hope this helps you solve you're problem.....the ph level was i bought a tester.....Peace out....Sid
  7. Yes! It does sound like a problem with over fert, try using miracle grow compost, then you shouldn't need any additional fert for the first month, then just use miracle grow liquid fert thereafter.
    You should try to avoid using the sticks! as you have guessed already. No permanent damage has been done though, sure the plants look better now.
  8. thanks for the advice....when i re-potted her i put her in miricle grow compost, as before she was only in potting compost.....she's been in the big pot for 4 days now so i9'll wait a while before i fert....u recomment miricle grow fert inliquid form.....should i start her off on a weak mix and then increase slowly?....i have bought some tomato fert as i was told that it's quite good....should i just use that instead?....Peace out....Sid
  9. When starting vitually all ferts, use half dosage as recommended on the container, only fert 'bout once a week max, after 3-4 applications increase the strength to "normal".
    Keep an eye on the fine 'erb!

    PS. if you are foliar feeding then compensate your normal feed, do not overdo it.

    Have fun!

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