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  1. heres a pic of my two month old plant.

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  2. heres a close up.

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  3. Looks nice!!! Keep up the good work.
  4. thanxs. so everything looks good.
  5. one healthy MJ plant there, leaves are droopingf slightly, just be carefull with the watering..........what was she grown under?.....what's your growroom size etc?....Peace out........Sid
  6. i have her in a phototron which fits perfectly in my closet corner. i also have a compact flourescent bulb that hangs from the top. and sometimes put a fan on her. when do u think it will start budding?
  7. when you decide that you want it to!!.........Peace out...........Sid
  8. i can just change the light cycle to 12/12 and then she will start right. or if i leave it on what i have it on now she will just keep growing cuz now i have it on 18/6 or sometimes just 24/7.
  9. yes, you just switch the lighting to 12/12 when you want it to start showing its flowers.
  10. it depends on what light it's under........and how tall your grow room is, that's what decides when to flower.........a 12" plant under an HPS will end up at least double in height by final flowering..........Peace out........Sid
  11. yeah my plant is about 12 inches and the grom room is about twice that size so do u think i should change the light cycle? its in a phototron i think the small one maybe.
  12. what's a phototron?....some kind of growing device?.......i flower at 12" and they usually end up approx 24" then there's the height of the pot, and the distance to the light source, so under a 400HPS i'd need a growroom of min 4.5 to 5' the light takes approx 1' itself...........Peace out......Sid

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