*pics.... Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by leodicapario, Jun 2, 2013.

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  2. Hot and hungry , Need to aerate the soil too with a pitch fork or something

  3. its leaf mulch nothing is packed.. hungry prob so.. but i just fed them last watering.. using 5-1-1 alaska fish fert... wouldnt hurt to feed again??
  4. piss on them
  5. yeah i might just take a big dooky on them too
  6. lol seriously, try it if you dont believe me, you wont need much
  7. I would still fluff the hole and give some air to the roots
  8. Well the plants might be more happy lol
  9. sweet tire bro 
  10. lmao i thought id try it.. the things you think of  after :smoking:.. i dug this hole and i barely made it 6 inches hit red clay... wanted it to be a little deeper than 6 inches so i threw the tire around and filled it with the dirt dug out the hole inside the tired and packed(only in the sides to put little more foundation) then filled around the plant, and tire with mulched oak leaves...
  11. water  it a couple times then hit it w/alaska again. i swear by that stuff. also your dirt does look pretty dry. how often do you water?after nursing her back and her color is good again i'd 5-1-1 it every 2-3 weeks. good luck.
  12. Take some rebar and drive deep holes in the clay. This will help your hole drain much better. 
  13. i moved a good 6 inches around with my little hand held pitch fork(didnt wanna go too deep).. was still nice and damp... yeah def feed  after a couple waters again..
    good idea.
  14. done :) thanks.
  15. lol its not that im worried about its the possible reaction.. i mean would u put zoloft on ur plants??
  16. Dont just piss on them, way to much nitrogen its a sure way to murder them there and then. Thoroughly dilute it and it can actually be benificial..that is, if you dont mind smoking urine :smoke:
  17. I think he was being sarcastic man lol. I don't know any experienced growers who would actually do that.
  18. Im pretty sure in the concentrations your talking it would have zero effect
  19. well i do have some dyna gro grow on hand, and have been using alaska fish fert, along with this weed tea ive been cooking in the sun in 5 gallon bucket (havent used the dynagro yet dont really wanna use it unless absolutely have to).. i might try some dilute urine on a plant  but most likely stick with the alaska and weed tea for nitrogen.
  20. some more recent pics.. umm mods ive posted these in my north texas 2013 grow post.. no need for me to update both posts.. do what u see fit.. id like to keep this post around as it has more views/replys..

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