PICS! Seedling leaf tips curling down, and showing yellow spots through out on of the seedlings

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  1. IMG_7871.JPG IMG_7872.JPG IMG_7873.JPG IMG_7874.JPG IMG_7875.JPG IMG_7876.JPG IMG_7877.JPG IMG_7877.JPG IMG_7876.JPG IMG_7875.JPG IMG_7874.JPG IMG_7873.JPG IMG_7872.JPG IMG_7871.JPG I'm about 14 days into my first grow. 4 white widow & 1 purple kush. A few of my seedlings leaf tips are starting to curl down. A few of them also have a weird wave like bend/or curve to the leaves. And one of them has yellow bleach looking spots on the leaf tip and on other parts of the leaf. Idk what I might be doing wrong? Im hoping someone could help me out.

    -All 5 of the seedlings are in 75% Happy Frog soil and 25% perlite.
    -Under 3 27w 100-w 6500k CFL lights.
    -my temp is usually between 68-78 Fahrenheit (highest was at 83F)
    - humidity fluctuates between 56-68% RH

    I have only watered when the soil is dry to about 1.5-2 inches deep
    My water is through a filter attached to a water hose with a ph of 6.0-6.4.
    I tested my run off water ph for all the plants and it was at a ph 6.4.

    I planted on 03:13/17.

    You can try to see everything I mentioned above in the pics I've attached!
  2. Overwatered
  3. Your soil might be hot too, looks like the top one is tox
  4. I watered twice with about 3-4 days inbetween watering with 8oz of water to each 4" pot. I just watered for the 3rd time on the 23rd. Was that enough to cause this?
  5. Will that kill the plant? What can I do to fix it? Flush it maybe??
  6. Give it some time, don't over water and don't feed it anything yet
  7. Drowning I am...

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