PICS-Problems, The Plants are Deteroirating, Leaves Browning and Curling, Using lots of water, PLEASE HELP

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  1. Hi Guys!
    Have had a few problems with this Cycle, Have done 5 or 6 Previous without these sort of issues..
    As the Photos show the Leaves are browning out and curling up/Dying on some of the Plants, There are 28 in the One Tent however there is another tent with 10 Larger plants.
    The pots are 9 Litre (2.3 Gallon)
    I am unsure of the Strand of Most of them however there are 5 AK47s among them.
    These are being grown in Soil, They are 2 weeks into Flowering
    The Water from the tap PH is 8 however i am bringing it down to about 6.7-7.0 each water,
    Since Flowering I have fed them Bloom Nutes (CANNA) and on their 3 week Veg I didnt give them any.
    I have 3X 600W HPS currently (for Veg had 3 X 600w MH, There is a 150mm centrifugal fan extracting the stale air through a Carbon Filter, The Fresh air in is being brought in also through a 150mm Fan howeevr is on a Y duct venting this and the other tent. As more air is going out than in It is creating the correct pressure ( i think)
    The Temp sits between 26-29 Degrees and I also have a roof mounted Pedestal fan circulating air throughout. The humidity generally is about 40-60%
    I have Co2 Injecting 4 times on the LIGHT period which stays on for about 3 minutes , I do not have a flow meter so I have guessed the Pressure however it may be too much (get it cheap so not too bothered) Could this be bad for them?What is causing them to transpire so quickly as Most people need to only water every 3 days, Mine wilt if left any longer than 1 day.
    The current Light Period is 12/12, My temp is good, The air flow is good, There is plenty of space however they are starting to deteroirate, Unsure if it is a deficiency, Or perhaps a disease,
    At one point we had quite bad spider mites so not sure if the Organic spray has cause this browning however in the last dew days it has got worse,
    Please see photos, Any advice would be vry much appreciated
    They transpire rather quickly and I have been having to give them 1ltr(0.3 gallons)  of water per day
    IMG_0720.JPG IMG_0728.JPG IMG_0719.JPG IMG_0721.JPG IMG_0722.JPG IMG_0723.JPG


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  2. You say lots of water. That might be your problem
  3. For the size of the plants and light power, 9 litres is too small, I think you're seeing problems resulting from being root bound. They've pretty much exhausted the soil and everything is nutrients now.
    Are you only feeding them Canna Bloom?
    It's not an air problem, and I doubt the CO2 is making any difference.
    You might find that some calmag brightens them up a bit.  What is your veg feeding regime?

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