pics of you guys roor

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  1. i am going to be buying a nice roor soon and i just wanted to see what you guys have soo if you could post pics of ur roors thanks
  2. just search for the roor appreciation thread
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  4. Damn Her eyes are red lol
  5. my roor burbbbbbb



  6. thos are some dope ass roors dude

  7. dude thats a sick ass roor how much was that if u dont mind me asking???
  8. i see 450 dollars
  9. haha shit i cant see that my eyes arent that good hahaha
  10. haha yeah that was literally right when i walked out of the store an d smoked the first bowl :bongin:
  11. hahah yaa thats a pretty dope asss bong man hows it hit?
  12. [​IMG]



    old pics but yeah. I love my ROOR. I'll be getting another very soon!
  13. i love that 7mm man, i wish i could find some with a perc or two, thatd be sick :bongin:
  14. looking stoned and menacing in that mask...

    I wouldn't even know what to say if I walked in on that...:smoking:
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    LOL I have a gas mask too that seems to scare people more then the ski mask. It's always funny when I have new friends over.

    OMG that would be fucking amazing. I'm saving up to go ROOR shopping in NYC soon. I've scoped out just about every legit ROOR dealer and have them saved on my navi. Hopefully I can find a nice perc'd ROOR

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