Pics of my plants, week 7 flowering

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  1. This is my second grow, lemon skunk (greenhouse seeds), mataro blue & bcn diesel (kannabia seeds).

    They are all 8 week strains but are at their ripest at 9 weeks apparently. They are under a 250w hps with 2 30w cfl sidelights.

    How are they looking?

    I am aiming to harvest at week 9 (or until trichs are 30-40% amber), which will be in 15 days time. Do they look on schedule?

    The lower buds havent puffed up as much as the top and I don't know if they will unless I do a staggered harvest. We will have to see what happens over the next 2 weeks.

    I have started to flush them as of today also.

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  2. Very nice!
  3. nice tops on those babys. should bulk up last 2 weeks. also stop nutes last 2 weeks also. keep checking trics,, but id guess 3-4 weeks to go.:cool:
  4. what one is in the middle? it looks like a nice strain :D
  5. Looking good!
    I see this is your second grow... I'd like to give a tip if I may.
    Around this time in your grow start checking your trics with a magnifing glass, not by color. They look like tiny mushrooms. When you notice just a few of the tops of the "little mushrooms" starting to break off... it's time. That's when they have reached maximum potency. I was put hip to that years ago by a "master grower".


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