Pic's of my girl, fixing to start week 3 of flowering. how does she look?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mclovein, Aug 30, 2008.

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    this is a flouro grow just to let u know :). she has def got bigger sense week 1, i added a pic of week 1 and 2 picture is ending week 2.. white hairs are every where. i been keeping the fan just blowing around the bottum of the stalk. i had bottum leaves dieing off before flowering and then it stoped for 2 weeks till just the other day the leaves on the bottum turn crispy and then brown and then die off in a matter of a week. im guessing this is normal right? due to the increaseing size of the plant? but every were else looks good.. im guessing i could start to see buds next week?

    this is bagseed btw and she is close to 4ft tall now :), nutes are 12-4-8, o and how much do u think i might yeid off her :)
  2. 2 more pictures. turn a pic of how the leaves start to turn brown (they do it very slowly, so i dont think i have problem, think its just normal), been smoking the leaves that die off, they get me high just not baked :D
  3. this is a fine, genetically Sativa mostly The brown leafs may indicate a problem, the only leaf-problem that is normal is leaf yellowing and dropping after at about 4 weeks of flowering.

    So... look at it as a potential problem. Good look!
    PS.: get more light at the lower branches so you increase your yield.
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    before flowering i had leaves die off, doing the same, then during flowering it stoped and 2 weeks later it starts again but, i just fed nutes today, i feed every 10 days.. i hope its not a problem, i heard as the plant gets bigger the bottom leaves die off off, which is what its doing pretty much... they just fall off

    heres a quote of what i read off another site

    im guessing sense i dont have lights around the lower part of my plant then this could very well be the problem?
  5. wow. right on man. im growing outside now. planning to move indoors soon tho. nice looking plant, even for bag seed.
  6. Buddy your gunna want to feed more than every 10 days. That is definitely a deficiency and not normal yellowing then. You shouldn't have any yellowing quite yet. It shouldn't be a light problem. It wouldn't look quite as bad if it were just light.

    Most people feed every other watering. So if your watering every other day. You would want to feed every 4th day. They're probably extremely hungry 3 weeks into flower since there's no nutes left in the soil anymore...
  7. Id give it some more nutes. Also I would top the plant next time you grow, its really easy and increases yield a fair amount.
  8. Looks good, bro.....what kind of floros are you using? I'm starting a new indoor and wasn't sure if floros would work.

  9. so it is a deficiency? that would explain why it stoped at the start of flowering when i fed them, i water every day with 2 glasses of water

    im using GE plant bulbs, i got 6 of them all 4ft, there like 4 bucks each at walmart and i get my t12 fixtures at lowes or home depot for 6 bucks each, im using like 350 watts in lights
  10. What kind of nutes do you have?
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    12-4-8, there all purpose nutes fruit and veg safe, i tryed looking for bloom and flowering nutes but my town sucks for that, my next plants that im veg are going to be getting fox farm nutes when i flower them, got to order it :mad:.

    this is simply a test run, i know i wont get a large yeid, but its still going to be some dank ass bud :) for sure.

    well tomorrow is start of week 3, and i fed her nutes, i do think ur right about the deficiency, cause the leave turned yellow after it browned some not pure yellow light greenish yellow and day at the when i fliped lights off, i checked the leave and touched it and it just fell off. the top of the plant looks great and every thing else too,

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