pics of my crop

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by BoKilla420, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. what does anybody think of my crop

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  2. lock,s good abit smal butt take it out off the pott and u will be a happy man
  3. Looking good! I guess you got a late start? Tita79 is a bit crazy ;) his plants are huge like 10' tall and 10' wide! I would say he is a hardcore outdoor grower. But for such a small plant that bucket will do well, you should yeild a few oz if your treating her right. Have the preflowers shown yet? What kind of soil are you using? Just checking but did you rember to drill holes in the bottom?
  4. Thanks guys. Its my second time attempting to grow and now its like 3 feet high and i've been force flowering for like 4-5 days now and i see something too small to tell. I dont know what soil it is but i know that it already had fert and other mixes in it. The only thing I do to it is water it and let it sit out side all day all night without touching it or moving until when you wanna force flower it.
  5. Yeah that pic is like a month old i'll show you a new pic tommorow.

  6. this is the ladys inn the house for 90 days ago and here the rots are inn botom off te pott if u want to have them in pots u must keap the rots frea ore u must use plenty off nitro and
    fosfor ore u will gett a veak plant and i think u all whant a strong sukkker to kikk u inn the head and thats yust is what mine do they fuck u opp for manny aours ....

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  7. well how do i tell if the plant is getting week its really healthy right now and its three feet high i'll show a new pic today when i get the camera

  8. When u see the rots at the botom off the pott repott ore
    gett them out...... Iff u whant small plant,s lett them be ....butt then u must give them food alltime inn smale potts
    it is hell gting them to worke fine..... good luck...
  9. You can always try grow bags they go up to like 20 gallons. I like to have my plants moveble, in case of discovery.

  10. I"ve never heard of grow bags..
  11. Bags, with soil in it ;). You can use heavy duty garbage bags, used potato or rice bags wich are good because they allow roots to grow through and into the ground below or special "grow bags" from a gardening shop or online.
  12. (ot)tita how many times total did you top your big plant

  13. Not so manny 11 i think and the smal lol 7
    then i dont have to bend them they dos that them self ...

    It is so big my aple tree is smaler lol but cop,s is the woorst thing for them lol

  14. Then what the hell are you talking about lol
  15. \

    this is the newest pic took it like a minute ago

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  18. can anybody please confirm that this is a female its hard to tell in the picture but im pretty sure its the white hairs that everybody is talking about. you can see one hair but the other one is behind the new sprout thats just about to come up

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  19. Cool, im gonna have to check those out for next summer

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