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  1. what do your buds look like after being trimmed here's a pic of my northern ice it is the pic that i put in my strawberry cough grow journal please everyone post your pics of fresh cut buds here if you want as i love the looks of fresh cut buds
  2. same pic that is in the strawberry cough journal just differant resolution setting and not quit as good as the pic i put in the strawberry cough journal sorry

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  3. [​IMG]
    Durban Poison x Skunk free seeds from seed boutique

  4. how did you get such good pics
  5. I have a semi descent camera, and I set it to macro mode (the flower icon on some cameras) for the closer up shots. It's a big difference seeing them in my hand, and then up close with some detail
  6. that first pic of the DPxskunk1 looks sooo tasty... mmm
  7. MP: Shit looks nice man. Id love to smoke a nug of that
  8. Couple more pics.. The dp x skunk was pretty pink/purpleish in color..
    Good local Strain BUDS
    Durban in flower
    Another nice shot of the durban
    I OWED MY FRIEND HALF!!:smoking: Check this out dude.. those two little buds in the center was the top lol.. I lst's a bit to much, and totally out grew them with my lower branches..

  9. Thanks! Ive been looking for that!
  10. how this compare to yours mp is it close to as good quailty of pic

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  11. I have yet to smoke weed that looks that good. Ive smoked some good looking weed...but thats looks better than anything ive broken up before.
  12. here's a pic of a plant that is close to getting the axe thanks for the tips guys now this is one upclose pic

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  13. that's just SWEET

  14. Much better.. Now if your flash isn't to overpowering at that distance you can use that or just shine a good white colored light on the bud, and you'll get true to color shots, good detail, and you'll have everything lit up bright in the pic.

    The trich shot is sweet. Looks like you got it really figured out now.
  15. wasn't going for that shot but hey it's still a good pic
  16. if its ok with the mods or who ever makes the rules i would like to make this a contest for the best upclose pics and the winners will receave free packs of seeds that i have left over
  17. damn mine aren't flowering yet :) they will be late
  18. no it won't i got bunches of seeds that are all dried and will be getting more every harvest just post your pics when your plants get flowering good i'll still have seeds
  19. is it safe to order seeds from an online seed bank? or is it illegal in the US?
  20. Freshly Cut buds i will have to wait tell i get home from work, but i will submit this picture of Week 5 flowering outdoors to spice things up a bit.

    No need to enter this in the contest, dont deal with seeds :)


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