(pics)(info)what kind of problem or Deficiency is this?

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  1. Strain: Bubba Kush ( got as clone)
    Current state: 5th week VEG
    Temperature : 80F constant
    Humidity: 55%
    Airflow via wallmount fans
    co2 750 ppm during veg (slight i know)
    lights: 1000w HPS
    soil: promix in 5 GAL pots.
    Nutrients: DNF 2 part grow A and B. Cal-mag. Root Enhancer. B1 booster. GH diamond nectar (humic fulvic acids)
    water: RO water
    PH when feeding: 6.0-6.3
    Schedule: Feed. Feed. Water.

    now that I have given you some background info. Can you please tell me what kind of problem this is? I checked my soil ppm and it was around 400-500

    I checked the soil PH and i gave it water at around 7.0-7.4 and run off came in the low 5.0-5.8

    SO.. was this a PH problem. or is this something like root aphids? what signs of deficiency are being shown here?

    Everything was going good then i started to notice the nice dark green colour of the leaves slowly fading and its not just at the bottom its starting to take the whole plant. I have included some pics. I appreciate your help and I will check to answer any questions!

    Thank you. You are truly a great help :)
    20140118_154748.jpg 20140118_154755.jpg 20140118_154803.jpg 20140118_154814.jpg 20140118_154821.jpg 20140118_154834.jpg 20140118_154846.jpg
  2. If you don't flush those girls right-a-way you're going to start losing a lot of leaves because your into multiple nutrient lock-out already. Your slipping in N already, locking out P, K, Mg, Ca. With those big pots you're in trouble dude, sorry.
  3. Flush and raise your ph run off to 6.8. Use ph up or top dress with lime. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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