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  1. Sorry if you get a negative vibe, this just happened, and I'm not a happy camper right now.

    I'll give you the background; me and some friends are pooling our cash for a trip to the westside of washington, where my friend has a hookup. I'm on the east. I'm a busy dude, but I agree that I can drive, for a reasonable fee, obviously.
    Now, I have one day's notice on this adventure (as to exactly WHEN it was) but I put down my work (own my own business) and close up shop early. I then drive for six hours. Get there, pick up the herb (a little over a lb combined) and drive back an hour later, so that I can open up shop when I've told my customers I will be open.

    I have now driven twelve hours, seven hundred miles, closed shop for three hours, missed out on at least six hours of marketing, lost a nights sleep, etc. Drop the friend off, go to work. Come back, and he had passed it out to everyone already. I paid for a legit ounce once I got to the westside, and I got that. But nothing else. I had agreed to an ouce as payment, and they agreed it was fair. However, I did not get that.

    So essentially, I paid sixty dollars in gas, to buy a $200 dollar ounce.

    Furthermore, when I first agreed to the trip, we were picking up 1.00 lb for $2600, that became $2800, that became $3000. We had $3200, so I was expecting 1 lb for the friends, and for myself to have at least a QP... Just ticked it kept changing.

    I told my friend he owes me an ounce, one way or another basically. Seem like the right thing to do?

    P.S. Hes on this board, and I'm kinda hoping he sees this, so he knows where I'm coming from....
  2. yes the right thing to do? I just kinda feel like a dick making him cough up.
  3. If that was the deal and he's gone back on it then he's a the dick. Not a very good friend.
  4. I think its more like hes too stoned to realize that that's a dick move. He's trying to get with one of the friends (in bed.) Make your own assumptions from that.
  5. where you at on the eastside? i'm in okanogan. It sucks ass here.
  6. East side of... Washington. Pullman.
  7. No one drives 12 hours for nothing, with six of those hours transporting a large amount of weed.
  8. woot washington! I live in the hood canal area
  9. Heres what I believe happened, I don't know you guys though so only from what you said so far, he ended up giving more to the girl that he is trying to hook up with and forgot the old code, bros before hoes.

    No I don't think it is wrong of you at all to ask for that other ounce, you drove a long time, with over a lb in your car, its your car not theres you were gonna be fucked if the cops pulled you over and found it, however unlikely that is, there is still a slim chance.

    You, and your friends were obviously smart, and did not get pulled over which I congradulate you on, dont need another cop getting a hard-on over stopping a few stoners with bud.

    So what thats my .02 on the whole thing.
  10. if you were promised another ounce, then it's not a dick move asking for that extra ounce..
  11. damn dude. that's bullshit.

    I just went down to Philly to pick up a lb. myself and i went down with a friend. well.. it was supposed to be one friend but then it turned out to be 8 people in a van that only seats 6 people.(now that doesn't look suspicious at all) So we parked outside the dudes house, and i gave my friend $1,400 and he went in. We were sitting there for about an hour when he came running out of the house and we sped off. He said that he was robbed at gunpoint. and he lost all my money. And that was my stock to push off.
  12. Hazed, I'd edit your message. Talk of ealing is prohibited on this site. But that sucks balls....
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    Yeah, you deserve your extra ounce and more. Or if they can't give you that, then at least compesation for your gas, milage put on your car, and money lost from closing your business early. And that seems like a hell of a lot more money than a 200 dollar ounce.

    I know if I closed shop early we'd loose anywhere from nothing to thousands of dollars depending on how busy the day was.
  14. Smoothie and nutrition shop, its fuckin cold here, noone wants smoothies. Prolly like, $100 worth, most of which would be some kid that wants protein.
  15. dam that shits fucked up yo
  16. I dont think its against the rules to talk about being robbed.
  17. I don't want to quote it, so it stays around after he edits it, but the verrrry last line...

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