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Pickup: Blueberry x Purple Haze | Dankalicious!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Degree, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Blueberry x Purple Haze

    Smoke Report: This bud is some of the best that I've ever smoked. I just picked up 2 ounces of this skunky goodness. The buds are all fresh and have tons of kief on them.The taste is reminiscent of Blueberry, with a little bit of Haze. On most of the ends of the buds are a bit of purple, where most of the THC is located. This one is definitely one for the books.

    Rating: A- :smoke:








    Thanks for looking! :cool:
  2. that looks fuckin fantastic
  3. Looks great and very similar to another pickup I saw yesterday!
  4. that is fucking sexy. I'd fap but no lotion :mad:
  5. nice

    sooo much crystals
  6. Dankk. Nice Nugs :bongin:
  7. thats some of the best bud ive had sadly its no were to be found now (picked this up summer of 08)
  8. some real dank shit ya got there, man.

    but I'm gonna be the first to say it... it's not crossed with purple haze. Probably just a haze. You can tell the purple is from cold weather and not genetics... and i won't get into purple haze
  9. Thanks everyone. I'd appreciate more comments. :smoke:
  10. Meh, it could be actual purple haze. Purp Haze is still around NYC and the surrounding areas. It's not a dead strain like so many people think, it's just very very hard to find. Plus, they can sell all of it in NYC and still have people looking for it, so whats the point of shipping elsewhere? Just more risk. Go to Queens and ask for Piff and that's what you'll get.

    Anyways, that's some dank bud sir! Looks delicious. I got some homegrown last night that looks very similar but without the purp. Enjoy!
  11. Super fire buds man. Looks super tasty.
  12. that weed is so shitty.........

    jaykay. + rep man, uber dank pickup!!!:smoke::smoke:
  13. i would roll a blunt with all that budleaf. haha.
  14. looks real good whether actually purp haze or not...
  15. That looks so good........... Like your piece too.
  16. Thanks everyone. :)
  17. im from queens..there is no purple haze here..sorry..piff is just slang for any high grade
  18. I would kill for that, any day. +Rep.

    Edit: 420 POSTS WOOOO!
  19. *drool*

    god why is there never any of that by me?!
  20. I just got some of this last night. I'm in NYC...i'll post some pics and give a report later.

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