Picking up Liquids (Mind Blowing)

Discussion in 'General' started by Amped, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Heard someone talking about this. Pretty neat, and such a simple concept.

    Pretty sure I could build this.
  2. i would use it to to pick up everything just because i had one. even stuff i could easily pick up on my own. thats pretty cool
  3. woo some more robots to take human jobs
  4. I design industrial robots similar to this... so it actually provides me a job.

    Without that kind of efficient automation, goods you may take for granted would be much more expensive. As they were hundreds of years ago (inflation-compensated).
  5. If your lazy enough to not pick up a small dab of ketchup your probably stoned or semi retarded. No offense to anyone who is retarded.
  6. Woahhh my mind was blown... :smoke: :D
  7. Bro you can clean up messes without smudging anything, just pick it up, and slide it back down on a paper towel or some shit. Yeee :smoke:

  8. If you think about it wouldn't that be just as much work as wiping it up. Especially with those small little dabs of ketchup.
    Oh well I would still buy it, if it was $20 or less.
  9. dude japan is so fucking awesome right now with all these cool fucking inventions. you here about the air conditioned jakeckt they have now wtf?
  10. that fucking blew my mind.
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    Why would you want an airconditoned jacket. If it's hot enough to need an ac, then don't wear a jacket.

    Still very cool hahaha

  12. So they can make more money.. Thats all this world wants anymore. :cool:

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