picking up a new PC

Discussion in 'General' started by naku06, May 16, 2006.

  1. im getting a new computer tomarrow, WHOA! im happy, and i had to flaunt it

    >3100+ amd overclocked to 4.08ghz
    >2gig ddr ram
    >eVGA GeForce 7600 GT CO SC 256MB PCIe

    anyways....thats all.
  2. Nice dude, I'm about to pick up a new laptop as a grad present
  3. That sounds like a sweet rig, I wish I could play the newer games on this POS.
  4. How the hell did you get a 2.2 clock speed up to 4.08 without a rediculous water cooleing system and even then...
  5. Fuck my pc is starting to get old.
  6. you might want to up the hd if you do alot of downloading and gaming. thats my 2 cents. o and nice choice for a vid card
  7. Nice freaking rig
  8. bingo!
  9. nice setup, what psu are you running and do you have a case picked out. Also with all that nice stuff why such a small HD and only one? no raptor or raid setup. I will asume you dont dl much. Have fun with the ocing but in the end it never seems worth it unless you use a phase changer cooler and even then its not worth the money. Also are you just ocing the cpu and nothing else.

    i also love futurama
  10. my friend shot it up to a 160hdd. i have just a plain black case w/ a fan bus and water temp reg. ill take a few pics by this afternoon (i dont like those flashy cases, it whats inside that counts :rolleyes: )

    the cpu, hdd, vid card all have an adapter intigrated into the water system. oc'ing is just a hobby of the buddy im getting it from, i dont think its worth it either, but he did it for free, so i said "eh what the heck go ahead"

    edit: your right i dont DL much, game patches at most. but those are not that large anyways. no rapor sry. atleast not today.

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