Picking Shrooms Now?

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  1. Hey, i';ve NEVER done shrooms, but i seriously want to.
    Im into the whole idea of clowns coming out the wall and dancing,
    becoming friends with a pink elephant you know!

    so, i read even though its not Shroom season, shrooms still kinda grow at this time of year

    (currently 3rd June)

    I live in Scotland, a wet place.
    we had a few great days of pure sun, but now its back to rain where i live (kirkcaldy)

    so , there is this place literally 3 minutes from where i live, its a Wood.

    and i KNOW shrooms grow there, police have talked about it, people go up with plastic bags and start picking (when i used to go to school u could see them as the Wood is right next to my school)..

    I was wondering will there be any Shrooms growing right now??
    I was thinkin of headin up this weekend for a little pick and look

    (i dont know what shrooms to go for, only have a rough idea, but i would do some deep research into that before eating any!)..

    think its for a walk up and a look? :]

    ive never done shrooms, acid, MDMA all the visual stuff, only pot.. but i really wanna try shrooms!! :D
  2. bumb :(

    and also, pictures of what Shrooms grow in Scotland/UK
    would be greatly apreciated!! :D
  3. pick a coulple dif. ones and do spore prints and get on shroomery.
  4. Liberty caps.
  5. I live in sheffield england and i know the season for liberty caps is supposed to start in september so i assume it will be the same in scotland with similar-ish weather. However, last year some of my friends were picking in like mid july and getting plenty so it is worth a look around definately. And scotland is very popular for shrooms so ive heard. U want to look in large grassy areas tht have quite a bit of rain and probably wherre sheep and cattle graze would be your best bet. Good luck man, i like you will be also looking vigorously for any trace of mushrooms :D.

  6. hmm nice help man!
    what about where horses live?

    i have my own horse :). Its up in a stable (with fields) with loads of other horses..
    right next to the woods im talking about :D

    think ill strike gold there?
  7. Theres no harm in tryin dude. I dunno how many u wud find now but if you look in a month or so u shud definately find something. Dunno bout horses cos i think their shit is somewhat unhealthy for some things... i mite be wrong, but u can giv it a go not like its hard work or anything. But u will deffo find something before long. Do you know much about liberty caps? cos they are the ones u wanna be lookin for.

  8. I kinda know what they look like (spent alot of time on google images)
    Don't know how much of them to collect (id grab as many as i could!)

    I might wait till next month.
    maybe this weekend :D

    Shrooms seem to interest me a big bit, I think i'd really enjoy them :D
  9. Once you know what they look like they are hard to mix up really. Make sure u dont eat anything with white gills. The owner of my headshop of choice who is also an experienced scientist said to me when i asked about libs that the most poisoness and potent mushroom that you could possibly pick while looking for liberty caps, is a liberty cap. So basically u cant really go wrong. A low dose, depending on certain things, is about 30 mushrooms (they are tiny little things) and a medium or normal dose would be about 50-60. I would take 40-60 if i were you. Good luck with it all dude.
  10. Alexisonfire i like your sig lol.

  11. +rep dude
    thanks for all your help! :D

    looks like ive already givin u rep already and i need to spread it, ill be sure to +rep you when this resets :D
  12. My buddy just got 2 oz of homegrown from his bro who got spores a while ago, I'm so pumped, I hope you find some and have a great trip!
  13. there won't be alot because it's starting to be summer. Now if you picked them in April you would have a better chance. Also you don't see purple elephants while on shrooms or unicorns.

  14. didnt mention any of them :p but i get what u mean :)

    ill still probably have a look, considerin summer in scotland lasts around 3 hours :)
    so we'll see :D
  15. do animals ever eat them then trip balls?
  16. OP is in for a big surprise when he first trips. :laughing:
  17. I'm just going to let you know, that you won't see that. Mushrooms are more a play on what you already see.

  18. alright i get you :D.

    i was talking to a cop once, he sais one of his friends tried shrooms and lamp posts were bending over and talking to him!

    thats what got my interested in shrooms!
  19. i live in sussex and have been looking for wavy caps for the last few weeks checking sites i have picked before aswewll as other likely spots havent found any was wondering if anyone else has had any joy this season

  20. if your looking to see clowns and make friends with elephants... the drug you need is LSD

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