Picked up some xaxax

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XxnickpwnsxX, May 25, 2009.

  1. What up GC? ya boy just grabbed 100 1mg blue xanax footballs. now im not going to be using them recreationaly only when i have trouble sleeping. So would 2-4 a week cause me to become dependent and or have seizures or withdrawals when i stop? I appreciate all feedback
  2. Ive been eating 2-4mg sometimes 6mg every day for almost a month straight and if I miss a day or two i dont withdraw
  3. word. im really not trying to abuse em whatsoever im a fucking insomniac and the 2mg i took is kicking in ;) so goodnight everyone good vibes
  4. yeah good idea. just hope that answered your question
  5. nothing like some xan to put you out....

    im not gona get a minute of sleep tonight haha

    do u dissolve em under ur tounge?
  6. if you have the willpower..just take that two mg when you need to sleep, but dont start doing it everynight to sleep, just when you NEED to, otherwise the addicition will hit ya and then fun fun benzo withdrawals begin.

    so yeah, use sparingly when you need to, and youll be fine. Just dont slip and start takin more more frequently..thats when it goes downhillllllllll
  7. ya im addicted to this shit called melatonin, its a natural hormone in ur body, i get it in pills that dissolve under the tounge for when i cant sleep
    if i havent blazed recently i pretty much have to take one or else my mind wont shut the fuck up and let me fall asleep
    supplys running low tho:(but its mad cheap:D6 bucks for a bottle of 100 cause it doesnt got recreational value really but its a good combo with bud
  8. I took .5MG last night because I did not feel like taking 2 because I would know I would just pass out. I was about to go to bed anyway. Now I wake up and remember a dream about me getting busted and Everything is stacked up in my house, and I NEVER dream. Now I can get fucked up with the home girls and maybe score some...
  9. just be careful man, 210hustla and I used to do a shit ton of benzos, like 10mg+ with alcohol a day, and he just had a seizure about a week ago. dislocated his shoulder/broke his wrist while falling down, shit sucks. I take A LOT more than him too, so if I go a day without them i'm going to either have a seizure or die, i've been taking 4-20mg daily for almost 6 months now.
  10. 20mg daily of xannies for 6 months? That's fucked dude, you should seriously get help.
  11. nah 4-20mg daily, sometimes i'd take 10 bars a day but only a few days out of the month. at least 4mg a day though of klonopin/xanax, generally i average around 8mg a day.
  12. How do you survive that? I took 4mg of xanax only once in my life, and that fucked me up beyond belief. You must have one hell of a benzo tolerance bro.
  13. you have no clue, haha. even before I did benzos on even a monthly basis, it would take me 6-10mg of xanax just to feel something, while I watched people eat 1 bar(2mg) and be fucked up beyond belief.

  14. i would not suggest that . . .
  15. yeah seems to be about the same dosage 210hustla was taking and he had a random ass seizure, i used to take that low of a dosage daily too and when I quit cold turkey it was HELL on earth.

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