Picked up some of that leannnn

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    So ive had a pretty bad sore throat for the past few days and was finally able to go see a doctor.

    At first they tried to give me tylonal 3's and I was like fuck that and convinced him to give me some hydrocodone syrup. Its not too much, but its got me feelin real nice :D:D:D


    And poured in into some grape sprite :


    Stayin poured up yall
  2. i livein in canada so prescription codiene is legal im on like 400mgs of codiene leaniin dec
  3. word up, i fuckin' love that shit.
  4. helll yea juss drop a jolly rancher in there n lean like a broke hip
  5. im so jealous I managed to acquire 8 oz's of lean it was great. Too bad I haven't found lean in years
  6. Nice man, I got my doctor to give me some syrup last Thursday, only a 4oz bottle but it was still enough to lean on, especially since I drank it all in one sitting, lol
  7. Damn I've been taking hydrocodone for the last 5 days cuz of this sore throat (had some left over pills from another surgery, but i ran out) So this fucking low dose hydrocodone bullshit isnt doing anything for the pain cuz of my tolerance.....So i called up the doc trying to explain that it isnt working and im still in crazy amounts of pain and all he fucking says is that I can double my dose from 5mls to 10. WHICH IS LESS THAN ONE FUCKING VICODIN. Like god damnit give me percs or somethinnnnn.... fuck my life my throat hurts so bad im about to go spend like $40 and get some fucking OC off the street.

  8. Where are you buying this legal prescription codeine? You mean buying T#1s?
  9. Kush , I think you're confused. Hydrocodone syrup isn't lean. Hydrocodone syrup is just like liquid Lortab basically. Codeine and Promethazine is lean.

  10. Its wayyy better then lean......Id take a bottle of tussionex over a bottle of purple anyday. Plus it still tastes damn good mixed with some sprite.
  11. I know promethazine and codiene is the most common lean but in my opinion, lean is any kind of opiate syrup
  12. Lean IS Prometh + Codiene, sprite, jolly rancher, paper cup.

    But Tussionex, in my honest opinion, reigns supreme.
  13. Aight its not lean but whatever lol.

    So this is my 6th day of taking around 30-40mgs of hydrocodone a day, am I gonna go through withdrawls when this shit runs out?

  14. When I drank a bottle of tuss in 5 days in chicgo It was 8 ounce bottle I think and it was 5 mg per 5 ml...im to barred out to do math.... I got them pretty bad. I do Vicodin quite a bit but I went way overboard that trip.. I used my codeine syrup that was hellah weak to wean me off it though haha.

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