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Picked up my first g of shatter. Quick question.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gordanjill, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Im new the the world of concentrates and was wondering how you guys prefer smoking shatter. The rig I've been using is a plain quartz nail on a little recycler. I have another concentrate with the consistency of room temperature butter and that works perfectly with the little metal dabber I have but the shatter does not stick to the dabber well if at all.

    I've also looked for a "bucket/banger" on this site to attempt to make the process a little easier but I haven't found anything that I was sure would work with my recycler. The joint on the recycler is an 18mm male joint.
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  2. Truthfully the honey straw is my go to for shatter. Enjoy. My first hit of concentrate was awesome. I never went back to flower. Welcome to GC!
  3. Depending on how stable it is you could just drop it in there with your fingers... I’d wash my hands first or take a lighter to your dab to real quick and put it into the dab and let it cool it will stick
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  4. Thanks for the warm welcome man! I'm definitely liking concentrates a lot this past couple weeks!

    I tried dropping it on the nail but the dome, and my shaky hands, made it difficult to land the shatter on the nail. Would want to heat the dab or just warm up the dabber a bit to get it to stick?
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  5. Mostly dabber if it’s super stable possibly the dab but for like a half second
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  6. Something else I've found. If you buy some terpenes a drop on your shatter will change the consistency. Just add the drop and let it cure for 24.
  7. I use a dab pen (puffco pro) for microdosing all day.
  8. I usually just use the parchment to break the shatter a bit then pick a piece up with my hand and drop it into the banger, I definitely recommend a quartz banger over the quartz nail ( a lot of the times they are just glass even and they will crack/explode pretty easy)...Otherwise, heat your dabber up with a lighter for a second then touch it to the shatter and it should stick
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  9. Freeze it quick then bust into bits if its brittle. I just scoop a dab right off the paper it came in.
    Investing in a good tool is a good idea. Spoon on one end and honey sap dribbler on the other is my fave.
    Try putting a tiny bit on spoon and heat it, then let it dry creating a sticky tool.
    If your using a diamond knot loop recycler nail don't bother unless you drop half a gram + in it.

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