Picked up an oz of White Widow

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by bobby820, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. :O
    fuck i need to get a job and stop buying petty fucking teenths :'(
  2. You lucky bastard. lol
  3. looks bomb... enjoy it while it last...:D...
  4. *drool*.... *drool*... *bumps forehead on moniter*.... "SHIT"
  5. DAMNNNNNNNN that looks nice, how much you pay?
  6. looks like some nice shit, happy smokin
  7. That's some nice ass widow all I can seem to find is some widow from large batches which don't look too good...
  8. OH DAMN......that looks so dam delici-oso rite now...i'm waiting on some very, very pretty white widows...i HAVE TO get some...it'll make my life much more happier than ever for the meanwhile until it's gone....lol...oh well, until i get my own pretty white widows...and i'll get a whole lot and share it my friends.........OH DAMN
  9. HO....LY.....SHIT!!!!!!

    That bud looks ridiculous. I can only imagine how you must feel after smoking a blunt of that. So tempting...I got arrested the other day so I can't smoke for a little while. Going from smoking daily to not smoking at all BLOWS. Seeing these pictures of great buds is killin' me.

    Enjoy the bud man. I'd like to hear how stoned you get off of that shit. I wish computers had smell-o-vision - I'd love to take a whif of that.
  10. Thats all that can be said about that! Just fine ART!!!!!!!
  11. the second picture looks like it has a blacklight over it.....

  12. That's just the flash
  13. That shit is so nice its gross, daaaaaaaamn dude, are those nugs the whole ounce?

  14. still thinken the same thing :D
  15. Yeah the biggest one weighed like 9.6 grams
  16. Niiiiiiiiice! Thats some good herb to vape. Oh shit yeah. So close to me I wonder if I can ever get that.
  17. beautiful nugs... brings back memories :)
  18. Those looking fucking magical!

    Have a damn fun time man, enjoy those.

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