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Picked up a 1/4 of Silver Haze for $90 [Pics]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Elo, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. This stuff is absolutely amazing. It smells incredible, and it tastes incredible. The aroma that it leaves about in the room is absolutely magical. If I could describe the taste, I would say it tastes like angel cum. :smoking:

    The high starts at the top of your head. Totally tingly then I feel it work down my body. In a few short moments my whole body is tingly, my eyes are squinting, and I'm grinning like a madman.

    After a week-long vacation with family, during which I was dry, this stuff just hit the spot.

    Plus, enjoy some bonus pics of my two-week-olds. :)

    Attached Files:

  2. Nice looking buds my good sir. :smoke:

  3. Thanks man.

    I just took another hit of it off the gravity bong. It's my night-cap. :cool:
  4. a grt sativa + rep
  5. bit leafy in 3 and 4 but looks good [​IMG]
  6. nice bud bro and what strains are those?
  7. damn thats some dank bud man. good price too.
  8. Oh look at the hairs on those beasty buds!!! Very Nice!!!

  9. It's bagseed; it's my first grow. :)
  10. Nice nugs, looks like a good smoke.

    but 90/q?

    I get nugs just as nice as that, and sometimes better for NO MORE than $50

    Im in Southern Ontario
  11. #11 oldskoolgrower, Feb 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 24, 2009

    I really wish people would quit the 'You pay THAT, well I pay THIS' bullshit. It varies too widely by region to make any meaningful comparison and it just becomes a meaningless pissing contest.

    Most people wouldn't have to pay $300-400/oz for the top shelf buds if it were not for the prohibition fueled black market.

    EDIT: If I wanted to play that game I'd just rub it in your face that the final cost of my dried and cured harvests is under $10/ounce for the best stuff you could imagine. See?
  12. Thank god someone said it... Thank you. Different areas get different buds and different amounts which is sold by different people so your obviously going to find different prices. It's like economics.. for bud.

  13. Exactly. And for me, it's a good price considering an 1/8 of dank would normally run 50-60 a 1/4 for 90 is a good price.
  14. if that weed comin from orlando i be smokin that same shit alll day:smoking:
  15. Definitely true. I live in Montana and we would prolly pay 100-120 for a quad of that
  16. i got a buddy that lives in st auggie goes to flagler he was a sophomoe till he got in trouble. yea im in gainesville and we get that shit all day, i find crippy to be the bud of florida
  17. haha this bud is in jacksonville too right now. Which isn't surpising since u live like 30 mins from me. I got an ounce of it.. looks different from yours though. Also just got some skunk, kush, and afgooey today, along with northern lights. I gotta throw a thread up.. jacksonville is getting good buds right now :)

  18. yea man, i never post prices in my threads because of this anymore. ur post above should be a fucking sticky in the city man,.
  19. thats true man i just got sum master kush i live in arlington u?
  20. So here's what's up since ya'll don't know...

    The nugs pictured in the first post were purchased in Gainesville. I recently moved to OP to be close to my fiance's job. I still work in Gainesville, and the majority of my friends are in Gainesville. So until I make new friends up here, I don't mind driving to Gainesville to pick this stuff up. It's that tasty.

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