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Pick Up Plus BONUS!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vicious, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. This is my 1.1 after smoking two blunts back to back.


    you may notice something here

    I call her fireball

    And the thing that made my day.


    I'm worried it may be premature and I'm also aware how late in the season it is. Living in FL do you think I'll atleast be able to get a month of two of veg? Hopefully it will streatch when it flowers, if its a female, and if it germs.
  2. Good shit. I've never gotten bud that is that amberish, is it sativa or indica?
  3. I don't know, but i'll smoke another bowl to try and find out.
  4. yeah i can't usually tell either unless one is way more dominant haha, but it's a good excuse to smoke more
  5. The days are getting shorter, so the plant will go into flower instead of veg I believe. However you could veg it in your house, then move it outside in a month or so.

    NICE Buds!
  6. I live in TX and thats what im doing :)

    If you have to make a stealth box, I recommend the PC Stealth box.. its working great for me..
  7. I don't got cash for a setup. I'll probably be able to work something out, hopefully it will stay straight out till I can get it up.
  8. uhhh dude, idk if its just me but WHAT THE FUCK IS THE BLACK SHIT IN YOUR BUD?
  9. i think its his shadow
  10. look at the fifth pic, that isnt a shadow
  11. a leaf
  12. nice pickup
  13. There's a technique called 12/12 from seed, just put it outside and get ready for 1 baseball bat cola of fat nugness.
  14. very nice!
  15. Two days and my seed hasn't sunk or popped. :(
  16. Thats a leaf thats so purple it apears black on the camera

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