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  1. hey everyone, ive been working on my pick-up lines for scoring hot babes at the mall. i haven't had sex in a while so i figure these lines might get me some action ;)

    "nice face. can i cum on it?"

    "you have pretty eyes, they'd look better drenched in my semen."

    "you have a cute smile, but you would look a lot cuter after i orally fist fuck you"

    what do you guys think? :)
  2. Damnn that's clever..do u mind if I use these??
  3. I mean yeah if you like getting slapped. Haha
  4. "Hey baby, what's cookin'? You're fat."
  5. You're going to be banging girls in no time.
  6. Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass , works every time
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  7. "can i put Nutella on your booty and lick it off?"
  8. hey baby does it smell like a semen filled cave around here or is that just your vagina hole gaping open again?
  9. There's something wrong with your pants *chick looks confused, maybe looks at her pants* They're still on.

    How much does a polar bear weigh? Less than my dick, whats your number?

    Your pants would look better on my bedroom floor.

    I just came here to shop and fuck, and I'm about done shopping
  10. do you have any "ethnicity" in you? want some?

    she'll respond no.. if she is not the same ethnicity,

    this actually worked twice for me! :)
  11. What happened to just trying to fist her asshole
  12. "I have a boyfriend." "Do you want a man-friend?"
  13. Me : Do you like smoking?
    Girl : Yeah why
    Me : (pulls dick out)..Treat yourself to a toke on this
  14. You're going to get laid for sure OP.

    How about, "Nice face, can I fuck it" or you could try "Are you a woman, because whoa man, I wanna fuck you."
  15. "I have booze and weed in the truck. Come on, I have a knife."
  16. I'm going to try this. I'll let you know how it goes.
  17. how about these:

    "there will only be seven planets left after i destroy uranus"

    "my dick just died. do you mind if i bury it in your ass?"
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  18. Do you know what material my sweatshirt is?


    Its boyfriend material
  19. :laughing: That was fucking priceless.
  20. No shit, I'm going to try this on Friday.

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