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  1. ok.. another game.. it's like a pick your favorite thing.. you pick your favorite (obviously), then make another one for the next person.. we'll see how it goes...

    Ex: grateful dead or the doors

    um.. personally i'd pick the doors, then, i'd post like

    the doors or ccr


    we'll see how it goes.. ok.. so here we go...

    Nirvana or Sublime.. have fun :)
  2. aaaaaaaaah im in for this one for sure..

    SUBLIME or Incubus

  3. ok.. maybe we shouldn't do it like that.. because sublime is gonna be better than any band anyone puts out there, so it's just gonna be subilme all the way... ok.. let's just pick one.. like sensimil picked SUBLIME.. so now..

    new ex:
    grateful dead or doors

    my pick- doors

    ccr or gov't mule.. ok..

    let's try this again
  4. ccr, without a doubt.

    ok computer or undertow?

    ....i know aenima is the best tool album, but there wouldnt be any competition if i put that one, but i think ok computer is radiohead's best.
  5. mos def undertow.. um..

    dazed and confused or half baked?

    aaaah haha.
  7. SUBLIME, most definitely.
    Dazed & Confused is a good movie, but... SUBLIME takes the cake.

    Sublime, or Led Zeppelin?! :D
  8. you can't compare music to movies.. doesn't make sense!


    saves the day or the get up kids
  9. i totally agreed, i was wondering about that.

    never heard of either of them, so i'll leave your choice for the next person ;)
  10. saves the day... ganjaphish.. you should check em out. :)

    ok.. um..

    new found glory or jimmy eat world..
  11. jimmy eats world.

    jimmy eats world or Jimmi Hendrix
  12. Jimmi Hendrix

    Jimmy Hendrix or Pink Floyd
  13. jimi all the way!

    fries or wedges?
  14. tom petty

    cake or ice cream.. that's a tuffy.
  15. ice cream.

    ice cream, or the ice cream man?
  16. man thats a hard one.....it's gotta be butt cracks

    Grass or hash????....i.e. solid.....Peace out....Sid
  17. grass!

    night of passion with 1 hot woman or 10 okay women? :D
  18. hee hee ~ 10 ok women ~ lol :D

    Wendy's or Burger King?

    (btw, wedges are potatoes that are cut into wedges ~ 1/2 potato makes 3-4 wedges ~ covered in batter or spices, and deepfried or baked)
  19. burger king without a doubt.....double whopper all the way....lol....

    vodka or whiskey???.....Peace out....Sid
  20. whiskey, all the way.
    on the alcohol tip, i hate to do it but i've been pondering:

    getting so drunk you pray violently to the porcelain god for the next 6-8 hours, or getting so drunk you have the ultimate hangover from hell, minus throwing up, but feeling like it all day long?!

    sorry... :D

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