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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone, here are finally some pics of my little grow room set-up. I have a 70w HPS for my mum, and just under 100w of grow floro's right now for my clones. I plant to add another couple hundred watts of floros so the clones can veg out.

    The large plant under the HPS is a female white widow that was in rough shape outside in a grass field. I brought her in and she is now starting to show lots of new healthy growth. She is about 2-3 weeks into flowering that im tryting to stop and keep her vegging. She is on 22h/7 right now

    My clones are just attempts to save the genes off a awesome momma plant that got found. I just want one to make it so i have a mum to clip off this spring, along with the other plant if it makes it healthy (seems to be)

    More lights on the way!

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  2. pic 2

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  3. PLEASE let me know how you get your clones to root im having problems with a new strain and running out of ideas ,,,,,,,,,,,,looks good and good luck neighbor
  4. Well so far the only one to die on me was one that was touching the bulb (the light fell). They will be a week old on Friday. Ive been misting them about 4-5 times a day since most are not in a humidity chamber. Two are (one in a gatoraid bottle , on in a little plastic fish bowl with a plastic bag top :)
  5. hey how ya doin
    when u say u want the plant to go back into veg what do you intend to use it for.
    If u want it for clones I would say go for it I have magaed to get good clones off a stressed plant but if u want it to grow and then flower it isnt worth it it wont give any where near the results of a nonstressed plant of equal size.
    thought u might wana know
    have fun
  6. Yea, it will only be used for clones.

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