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Physical Withdrawal

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ShockeD, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. I'm a responsible smoker. I have been smoking daily since summer 10 started but have been on and off for the past year. I have worked my way up to smoking only dank but haven't been dry for awhile up until now.

    I smoke and then run every morning. Due to being dry for the first time in realistically 4 months, I didn't have my normal morning routine.

    When I ran out I was like whatever I'll get more in a week or two so it wasn't a problem at all, or so I thought. Now the run is about 1.5 miles and it's around my block. I completed it with ease, like always, and collapsed on my couch. The room started spinning shortly after and my vision blurred and it felt very similar to when I started getting high. Shortly after I puked my brains out all over my floor. Later that day I found myself VERY restless with CONSTANT hotflashes. I was freezing all day in the 90 degree weather too.

    This morning I blacked out, puked again after my run as well and the restlessness & hot flashes continue.

    I don't have a fever, or a cold. I know alot of you say there is only mental withdrawal, but trust me, I can live without.. I just don't think it's a coincidence for this to happen all of a sudden when I stop smoking. There definitely are some symptoms of physical withdrawal here.

    I was planning on taking a two week t-break, but I guess I'll save that for another day :p

    On a good note.. picking up a half ounce of that sour d tonight >:]
  2. I run that in about 9-11ish minutes as well so you can't tell me I'm out of shape which resulted in the puking.
  3. That's not physical withdrawal. It just happened because you ran, not because you stopped smoking.
  4. Nah, you're wrong, I've been running that for six months and it never has once happened up until I went dry.
  5. gotta stay off that crack man
  6. sorry to say dude but that would be a coincidence
  7. Do you typically need to smoke before you get a good meal in you? It's possible you were lacking more nutrients than you realized.

    Or it's possible you pushed yourself too hard. I find that I can push myself far beyond my normal limits if I engage in physical activity high.
  8. weed helps with nausea...maybe you would be puking every time you run if you didnt have weed period.

    who knows.

    you wanna talk about withdrawl.....look at opiate W/D, now that is horrible. ugh gives me anxiety just thinking about it!
  9. Physical Withdrawal. That impossible. Literally. There are about 500 things that could actually be the case. Not withdrawal.
  10. What you have here, is a case of your muscles etc being less fatigued while on happens, I don't know if it's mental physical or both - it's even been under discussion here lately, some people can exercise with less effort and fatigue while stoned. They may be less inclined to actually get to exercising, but when they do they notice waring out less.
  11. Yea physical withdrawal happens only on that fake spice shit...
  12. Also, your body gets used to operating under the influence of weed if you are always high. Take that away, and your brain is basically saying, "Woah man, I'm used to doing this with the help of some THC!" A few days go by, and your brain is back to operating soberly.
  13. if u had sex would u puke on her
  14. [​IMG]

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