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physiatrists and weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by srhs, May 25, 2010.

  1. so i've been using marijuanna for the past couple years to help some depression issues. i've also been going to a physiatrist. i havn't told him i used to toke yet but if i do do you think i could get mmj? i live in oregon so its legal:D. another question is should i tell him at all? thanks GC.
  2. Like all physiatrists he will want to put you on some stupid pill. THey always try that shit.

    Go for it and mention it. He cant do shit. You could prolly get some dank medical shit too if he can get you a card. Lucky you live in a medical state.

  3. He will.

    Worst he could do is think because you smoke it already it should be the last option maybe as you could seem like someone trying to exploit, but I doubt it.
  4. Be completely oblivious when you ask him.. be like "Dr. - some friends of mine suggested medical cannabis, they think it would really help..."
  5. When I was diagnosed with depression my psych asked me if I use any illegal drugs. I told him weed and he said stop it since it causes depression and can interact badly with meds. All mj ever did was make it possible for me to be happy, something my pills have never achieved (also no change between smoking and not). If the Illinois MMJ bill ever passes I doubt he'll rec me for mmj so I'll probably switch doctors if it ever happens.
  6. yar. I've been treated for depression and all i can say is dont use a drug called lexapro and smoke, i think it makes your head spin and not in a nice way.

    other than that i know a lot of shrinks that think its perfectly fine, but only sparingly, ie no more than a couple of joints once a fortnight.

    Depression is just a shit of a thing though, I got put on crappy drugs and stuff when looking in hindsite I wish I was a stronger man and didnt use them.
  7. To answer your question: always tell your shrink everything, they're there to help you. But I think that Phychiatrists are crap, I saw one and he didnt do shit he just said yeah great great you are progressing fine you'll feel better in the future.

    The I saw a pyschologist and told him and then he was like. Ok. If you want to make your life better here's how you go about it. That's when my life changed for the better.

    I've never looked back since and now am off meds altogether.

    Never went back to see the shrink. Kept seeing pyschologist. Have session once every month now for few more sessions to make sure shit is on track and then bam nothing. Great feeling :D

    Best wishes

    Gary Oak
  8. The last thing you want to happen is to be prescribed a bunch of pills while smoking on top of it. I used to smoke HEAVILY a few years ago and when i started seeing therapists and doctors about my depression and anxiety they had me take all sorts of pills, lexapro, zoloft, and cymbalta. I was also taking 150 mg of Trazadone. The stupid thing i was doing was lying the whole time about smoking pot because i didnt want to get caught, it definitley caused problems with me and my family. I had tremors just about everyday too.

    As far as telling your psychiatrist about smoking, I'd say dont tell them if theyre the kind that just sit there and have everything you say go through one ear and come out the other because they obviously dont care enough. The only therapist i could really connect with was when i was in rehab...F.Y.I, i was sent to rehab because my parents thought i was doing meth and i was really just smoking pot

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