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PHX,JBD..where to get them?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dank e v, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. i am looking into buying a bong. i cant find an online store that sells any jerome baker or phx bongs.
  2. JBD is out of business (so ive heard) dont know the other...
  3. phx's website has been down forever!!!
  4. Yea JBD are out of business, I guess mine might go up in value? I don;t know where to get a phx but I really want one, they look sick!!
  5. someone on this site had a phx bong and said it broke in 3 different places ... this is during normal use. u should ask around till u find someone that owns or owned one and can tell u about it.
  6. i just want a very good hitting bong.
  7. I have a old Graffix bong that still hits great. Do some research, you don't need namebrand shit to get good quality. There are a lot of great bongs out there

  8. Graffix would be a name brand :)
  9. im pretty sure both have been shut down by john asscroft and operation pipedreams..... still can get bongs from the city though :)
  10. im been thinking about RooR. i hear good shit about them
  11. haha...shwagster...your right
  12. I know a dude that used to be one of the head blowers of jbd offering custom tubes for $150

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