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    I'm not much of an artist but when i'm flat out bored this stuff happens

    The ear the ear,
    it makes you hear,
    sometimes it makes you drop a tear,

    one day its well,
    one day its not,
    one day you wish you had some pot,
    some are small,
    some are grand,
    some the shape,
    of someones hand,

    some are keen,
    some are bliss,
    be right back,
    i take a piss,

    ok now,
    so where were we,
    where you going?
    whats your hurry,
    come on in,
    have a seat,
    heres a friend,
    you'd like to meet,

    they know you're in,
    they know you're near,
    they know you're close,
    cus' they can hear.

    -Chris The Don

    EDIT* if i wasnt high, why would i be writing about a poem about an ear :)
  2. Interesting lol.
  3. i played a funky disco instumental in my head while i read this, sounded pretty cool, in my head
  4. that's a good poem, it made me spark up a joint and another poem 2 go with yours:

    my eyes can see
    you hearing me
    burning trees
    with utmost glee

    I have the weed
    for those in need
    but ill give seed
    to those with greed

    we are here
    here is now
    no need to fear
    under your brow

    here is my light
    for it is night
    and i shall give
    my gift of sight
  5. nice! "Safety First, Then Teamwork!" -Pineapple Express

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