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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SmOkEdOuT_0420, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. I grow in a phototron in a bedroom closet. Although i have grown several plants in closets in the past, this is my first attemp at a phototron. So far everything is going great!!! Good fast growth and tight node spacing. The 'tron itself puts out 36000 lumens, and i added a 4000 lumen reddish colored compact grow flourescent, hanging in the center directly above the plants. My question is ,.....What do you think about this setup and does anybody have any experience with the phototron??? Your comments are greatly appreciated!! I realize that for maximum potential mh and hps are the best,...but i have limited space and resource. I only intend to grow for mainly personal use. As of now i have six sprouts about 3 weeks old w/ the second set of "fivers". I use fish emulsion and maxicrop seaweed in soiless mix(pearlite, vermiculite, sphagnum&peat moss, fertilizer),...and use vf-11 for a foilar feed.
    P.S.......The 'tron bulbs put out a "bluish" color...similar to mh.....the compact puts out a "orangish" balancing the spectrum better than using one for growth , one for flowering.......????? I am serious grower and greatly respect all thoughts.
  2. someones gotta have some thoughts........c'mon guys!!
  3. Photorons work great, but what does a new one cost today $1100 or more??? For that kind of money you can build a set-up just as good on your own and cheaper.
  4. true dat

    ...or a car!
  5. no actually mine was free.i got it from a good freind that had to move n could no longer use it!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. They look sweet but you can make your own system a lot cheaper. And yes, they will work> Hell they have been selling them forever. I can remember seeing the ads for them as a teenager where they promised in their ads about how many ounces you could grow. Then they started saying you could grow ounces of smoking material, similiar to tobacco.

    Their first ads used to have marijuana plants inside of them.

    Of course, I can also remember when beer cans had pop tops and we used to hang out at the drive-in on saturday nights.
  7. Remember when Jimmy Carter's brother came out with Billy Beer? I've got a few of those with the pop tops.

  8. Its just Schlitz beer in an orange can. God, that shows how old I'm getting.
  9. if u get the kit its about 660
  10. im going to do the exact same thing with the phototron how is that working for you are you getting good buds are the nodes spacey or close????
  11. i had my phototron for 8 years for veg 24hour light if u did'nt buy reflector just put foil on top of box put fish tank airpump to curlate water switch to 12/12 lights for flowering oh keep room at 67' [ame=]YouTube - weed i grew over the years[/ame]

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