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  1. The other day my friends and I smashed a few cones at mine, then went up to the park near ym house in Sydney and chilled. Just admired the view and the beautiful day, listening to music and playing with dogs that were at the park. Took a few cool photos on my phone.. some are dodgey as.

    haha we thought it would be a cool place to take off from for the first time if u could fly.

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  2. Wow that is beautiful man, I'm so jealous of you.
  3. amazing pics man.
  4. Beautiful. This is when I am at one with the powers that be as well.......

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  5. Ahh Cali?
  6. nope, hes from sydney mayne.
  7. I'm talking about the second guy.
  8. Ah yes............ Cali............ ya been there?
  9. ah gotcha, didn't even see those pics. they are legit though.
  10. Yea, twice I think lol.

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