Photoshopping Weed pics?

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  1. Not to make the weed look danker. But to capture the true essence of the bud itself. I love photographing my weed. I wanna make a book with photos of weed, and I wanna know if there is a way to edit them to make them look..Sharper? more Macro'd? Idk. Just curious.
  2. Depending on your camera, you might be able to fix a lot of trouble right there. If you're camera has a macro function (usually indicated by a flower icon) obviously, you should be using it. Before you hop into taking pictures though, you should check to see if you have a manual focus option (usually indicated with an MF icon). This way you can specify where you want to focus in on the bud itself to bring out it's best qualities. If you don't have a manual focus, that's no big deal, just play around with different distances and such with the macro option on.

    Now for the photoshop aspect.
    Image>Adjustments>Shadow & Highlighting.
    This will allow you to mess a little bit with the lighting quality of the image which can potentially bring out more color and detail that was previously hidden. It's not a sure fire thing, but it can work in some instances.

    Filter>Sharpen>Smart Sharpen
    Here you can chose from some different tabs (highlights, shadow, and I believe midtones) which allow you to sharpen those aspects of the image thus bringing out more detail in the bud.

    You can also mess around with manually blurring areas of the image to give the idea that you had only focused on one area and wanted the rest to blur off. You can mess with some coloring, curves, contrast, and exposure to bring a more realistic look to the weed. Just take a bunch of pics and spend a good hour or so in photoshop messing around with the options.

    Additional pointers if you have a DSLR.
    If you have a DSLR I recommend you change your image format to RAW. RAW is an uncompressed format that allows you to do a lot of editing to the photo without compromising it's quality like you would if you edited with jpegs. From there, you can download a plug-in called Camera RAW for photoshop which will allow you to edit this format in it's entirety. It has a clarity option which will bring out much more detail, you can sharpen it even more, you can do coloring, contrasting, shadowing, highlighting, white balancing, etc... all in this little plug-in and not have to worry about the quality of your image decreasing. Then you can open the image into photoshop mess around with anything you're not happy with, and then save as a jpeg.

    A similar program that doesn't require the RAW format is Adobe Lightroom. It has all the same features and a couple more as Camera RAW. Which might be the way to go if you want a nice photo editing experience.
  3. Stacking. Macro photography produces an ultra thin depth of field. If you take several photos, adjusting depth throughout, you can stack them with software so the entire bud is in focus. They make macro rails to improve alignment and move camera to and fro.
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