Photoshopped Milkshot Of The Month!!! - Discussion thread [February]

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    Hey Blades!
    I'll be runnin' the monthly contest for trikky this time, and I'm going with a Photoshopped Milkshot of the Month contest! :smoke:

    This is the discussion thread, feel free to ask questions or discuss the contest. Submissions go in the submission thread. :bongin:

  2. when are all photos due in?
  3. I messed up when I made the original thread.

    Sorry for any confusion.

    The submission thread will be open for one week, until the 24th of February. :smoking:


  5. My birthday! Gah, I think I'll be too busy to get a good shot up... especially since I'd have to borrow a piece to get a really good shot.
  6. I will whip something up tonight.
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    i mean fuck photoshop! ;)
  8. Ahahaha, I feel ya man, its times like this i'm glad i still have my POS PC. go pirates! lol
  9. Sweet. That for running the show, JD. I really appreciate it.

    Gonna have to bring my A game if I even want to be competition in this one!
  10. Hope to see a bunch of milkshot entries. I already posted mine up. Good luck to everyone! :smoking:
  11. Posted mine
  12. Great entry!

  13. thanks man
  14. could this be from any smoking device in general?
  15. Wow Neff. You got quite some talent with it.

    Amazing entry, Best so far:smoke:

  16. Thanks :)
    And thanks whoever liked mine, I was rippin that same roor with my friend, a g of beasters. Got high as shit and just kept going, glad you all like!
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    Neff, that shit looks tight man. nice roor.
  18. man if i had photoshop on my computer id have to enter, but i can't even use photoshop never used it in my life.
  19. damn this contest is filling up fast. ill have mine in a day or two. but these are some nice entrys so far.

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