Photos from the "one nation" rally, the MSM wont show you

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dronetek, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Can anyone here answer why the MSM isn't scrutinizing the left wing rallies, in the same way they are the tea parties/Beck rally? Why wont they show the signs from the one nation rally? Why are they lying about the turnout?




    How can anyone really deny the MSM is totally dedicated to the Democrat party? They go out of their way to smear and discredit the so called "right", yet put in an equal amount of energy in to carrying water and lying for Democrats and the "left"? How often have we heard from both the MSM (and their victims on the forums), claim Obama/Democrats aren't trying to move us toward socialism? If thats the case, why are socialist and communists the main supporters of the Democrats? Why wont the media show these pictures?

    The answer is because they're purposely deceiving all of us.
  2. You do know that there is an actual socialist party, don't you? They've been around for generations, and they have always been ignored by the Mainstream media.

    I would say most of those signs in your post continue to bear that sentiment, as the party has since about 1905.

    Maybe the conspiracy is so old, that they thought dronetek wouldn't notice?:rolleyes:
  3. Uhhh, yeah. I think that fact has covered pretty well. What does that have to do with the question I asked?

    Lets try again!

    Why was the MSM so obsessed with one or two tea party signs, yet they're not at all interested in these? Why was the MSM so dead set on painting the tea party as racist, extremist and so on, but not at all interested in doing that in this case?
  4. what's so "racist" and "extremist" about holding up "national socialist party" signs?
    Not that i agree with socialism.. but what's the big deal about them having a peaceful rally?
  5. I agree the socialist posters were not racist, but neither were the tea party posters at Their rally. I think what Drone is trying to say is why do they falsely claim the tea party is racist but don't even comment on this.
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    Who are you quoting? I never said anything about them being racist. That's how the MSm characterizes tea parties/Beck rallies.

    Who said it was a big deal? Are you confusing this thread with another?

    I thought it was pretty clear my beef was with the MSM and the people on these forums who rage about 1 or 2 tea party signs.
  7. Apparently you think it was enough of a big deal that it should have been all over the news. [​IMG]

    In order to assume a media bias you would first have to assume that people holding up signs supporting socialism is a negative thing. That would imply a bit of bias on the part of the person assuming that it is a negative thing rather than those that chose not to cover it wouldn't it? was very clear (as it always is). However, some signs supporting socialism at a rally with the stated mission of: "One nation working together for jobs, justice, and education for all" is hardly as newsworthy as a group that is supposedly just concerned with taxes and government spending having some members holding up incredibly racist signs.

    Socialists at a rally for progressives (not Democrats, progressives)....not really surprising or particularly newsworthy. Signs depicting the President with a ring through his nose in "tribal" get up at rallys for taxation....surprising and newsworthy.

    Besides, a quick look at the extreme tea party endorsed candidates (Carl Paladino's racist email forwards for example) shows clearly that the problem has gone beyond a few racist signs at tea party rallies (1 or 2? come on!) While perhaps it could be argued that most tea party members are not racist I would certainly conclude by some of the candidates that they have endorsed that they are willing to overlook it in their candidates.

  8. [​IMG]

    ya, totally not racist or anything
  9. Wow. Diversity. How rare for America. :rolleyes:

  10. a picture of the president dressed as a witch doctor is racist? :confused:
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    lol nvm
  12. I don't think it is....

    Besides, show me a pic of someone holding a racist poster at a tea party rally , please nothing photo shopped, and will talk, mmkay...
  13. [​IMG]
  14. RACIST:


  15. :confused: Who on this forum rages about 1 or 2 tea party signs?

    Anyway, Schultz is an idiot. Horrible speaker as he couldn't even read his teleprompter correctly half the time..

    Then his continued lashes against the republican strategist without even letting him speak? His whole show is deplorable.
  16. I like how nobody even attempts to respond to the OP question. I suppose we all know the answer?
  17. well you asked a lot of questions in the OP

    i consider fox news as part of the MSM, and they are certainly not dedicated to the democrat party. other than that, i dont think anyone really denies that the rest of the mainstream media are left wing pundits
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    Are you serious?! I mean seriously serious?

    As for why portraying Obama as a monkey is racist and portraying Bush as a monkey isn't....:rolleyes: I am willing to concede that perhaps people didn't realize that it was offensive (perhaps they weren't aware of the history of the racial slurs involving monkeys) but once it is pointed out to continue to try to argue that it is okay is just plain willful ignorance.

    I deny it. I do however think that the right has been harping on about this for so long that it has actually managed to work itself into the collective conscience as if it is fact.

    The definition of "mainstream media" changes depending on who is saying it and every time I see a lame example such as the one in the OP as "proof" of liberal bias in the media it gets just a little harder to believe.

    If it was so darn evident why the constant need to try to prove it?

    I did however hesitate before posting this because heaven forbid should Dronetek actually take this as some sort of challenge. :rolleyes: I am a bit overloaded on these types of threads as it is!
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    who's denying it? doesn't fox do the same thing? does it really matter? socialism sucks. good on paper bad in reality. I know a lot of Latinos and out of all of em i know, only one guy,(Brazilian) thinks socialism is the answer. every other american latino I know is a self loving, self centered American, just like the rest of us. I wouldn't doubt it if a lot of these people were hired to hold up these signs to start showing "real americans" how the dirty "beaners" want to change and take over America just to add a little more tension between the races of america.

    or they just have sociolist beliefs, but these people have no idea how it feels to live in a socialist society, with the exception of cubans, who I know absolutely hate socialism.

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