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  1. Hey :hello:
    I thought I would open up a thread where I can dump a few photo's regularly and get some criticism and maybe give some tips to help fellow blades. 
    Sunset @ Kuta Beach, Bali.   f/11, 1/400sec, iso100, 55mm. Taken on Canon 600d
    Hope to see a few of you's follow along and post a few pictures you have taken.

  2. Another sunset at Kuta beach, Bali. f/5.6, 1/100sec, iso 100 @ 55mm.
  3. Monkey Face - f/4.5, 1/200sec, iso640 @ 149mm
  4. Sunset. f/22, 6sec, iso100 @ 18mm.
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  5. Painting. f/4, 1/30sec, iso800 @ 18mm.
    I like this shot, fair few colours and the angle seems to work well with the picture. Any types of photo's you would like to see? got lots of skating, surfing, landscapes, and just random pictures.
  6. I like this one a lot, too! I like them all. Let's see more randoms! Skating and surfing would be cool though. Hmmmm.. Do you have ones that are your most favorite? Let's see those!

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  7. I will post some of my favourites later tonight, a bit of everything :D thanks for checking it out thus far! hopefully a few more blades can join!
  8. Dat monkey lol


  9. i got a few more monkey photos to please :3
  10. what size lenses are you using? especially on that monkey haha tight picture man
  11. Mumma Monk and Baby Monk - f/5.6, 1/320sec, iso-3200 @ 214mm.
  12. I have a Sigma 70-300mm macro, which was used for the monkey photo's.
    and a shitty stock 18-55mm canon, which is getting replaced with something alot better soon.
    Body is a Canon 600d, which does the job as I dont have the money available to upgrade to a fullframe. I also use a Gopro2, which is outdated but still produces some good photo's, bought it when it was first released.
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    Love the colours in your sunsets! I am at best, amateur - here's one of a boat I took last year.

    f/5.8, 1/180th, ISO 80, 72mm, but was taken on automatic setting, samsung WB150 before I knew anything about manual settings.
  14. I like that, so much reflection! Sunsets are one of my favourite things to shoot, along with sunrises. I barely shoot on full manual unless I have a lot of time to get the settings good. Aperture priority or shutter priority are my main settings.
  15. Thanks. Yeah, full manual is a bummer on my bridge camera - Panasonic Lumix FZ62, manual focussing takes like forever. I haven't figured out / been bothered to get the cash for external lighting and filters but it's great for outdoor light.

    Last year I spent most of my time just out in the local woods and such just snapping away, blazing inbetween, it was the best year of my life!
    yeah thats always fun! manual focus is annoying at times but I usually focus in auto then switch to man and make any small changes to the focus.
    Sounds like fun in the woods getting high and taking pics. Always seem to find something cool to shoot when high
    Yeah always something, I ended up taken tens of thousands over a few months! I get addicted to things really easily. A few half decent shots but nothing wow-worthy. Weed does tend to make passions more intense for sure. The man focus is cumbersome at best on fz62, I only use it if I have plenty of time and patience. still, happy snapping - those sunsets are amazing.
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    Don't have the info on this one (the original is buried on my hard drive, this is just from my Flickr). Taken just 50 yards from my house.
    EDIT - was taken on full automatic settings anyway and think it was an old fujifilm A180.
  19. wow you have some amazing scenery right at your house. Have you tried doing a long shutter image there in either early morn or late arvo when the light is fading?
  20. Yeah - I forget how lucky I am sometimes! No, have not, got my fz62 towards the end of last year when the light was getting less and I started to get depressed and leaving the house less and less, the fz62 has only 4 seconds at max, not sure if would give the full effect. (i didn't have a clue when buying what things to look for but if i ever can afford a new camer at some point i will be looking for at least 10 seconds and will go full DSLR)

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