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  1. Hello ,
    We just enabled the Photo Gallery.
    If you have any questions related Photo Gallery image uploading please check for detailed how to video's
    All other questions can be posted and asked within this thread itself.
    We made a minor change before putting Gallery Live.
    All Member Albums are now moved to Member Albums category. If you want to create new Member Album please use that section to create your own album. 

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    18 pages of Pics before the switch, now......."there is no information to show"

    Is this cause of my name change?

    EDIT: Before I could just click my gallery from the CP, but if I do that now from "my content" I get the no info line.
  3. Hey Gnick,

    Thanks for taking the time to like my positive posts, but id really prefer if you would responded to my posts that deal with actual issues.

  4. If I go to your profile page and click galleries, I can see everything in your gallery.
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    Well that's a start. Thanks ..I guess. Its only showing a small portion of em.

    Not exactly inutitive is it? I gotta visit myself to see my gallery, not access it from "my content"? You know more or less like it used to be.

    Okay so found how to see em all. I gotta go in, click on a pic then click on the User tag......THEN I get to see my pics. :(


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