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  1. i think i have too much phosphorus as my lower fan leaves have black spots on them....over most of the leaves....i looked up the plant abuse chart and the over phosphorus seems to be the same pic....can this be reduced using epsom salts??? i need help quick as it's getting worse!!!!....Peace out....Sid it's the bottom pic
  2. sorry misunderstood the pic....seemingly i don't have enough phosphorus....should i feed my plant with my tomato fert for tyhe first time she's 4 weeks old and was re-potted last week to a 25cm pot with miricle grow.
  3. I think i found the problem....i had a bowl of vinegar in the grow room to help with the was evaporating quite quickly....and i thing eating up the oxygen and god knows what else.....the soil was acidic so i added lime to it, and it seems to returning to normal....however i had to prune back a lot of the plant....about hopefully it will grow from the broken ones......Peace out.....Sid
  4. I hope so woody, i guess all the next few days will be was so bad seeing it going downhill.....and the little one has got slightly worse....but i think it will be o.k.....Peace out......Sid
  5. Hey Woody, this is her since i pruned her back.....she is getting better....if only just....
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