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  1. Ok i think i may need to add some phosphorus. I have signs in older growth as well as twisted leaves, tears, dark brown spots and purple stems (stems maybe genetics, although i grew the same last grow and no purple stem white widow and bubblelicious from nirvana) i am in 5th week of flower and use ocean forest with perlite, worm casting, vermiculite and lime. My ph is right around 6.5 and i use fox farm trio nutes. Does the trio provide enough phosphorus during flowering or should i also use something like cha-ching. I keep my soil temps around 73% all day snd lights on 77f and off 70f with rh at 45% all day or add bat guano. I dont want to hurt them but i read you need more phosphorus during flowering. Ill provide a pic but you cant really see lower growth but i may be paranoid. Lol
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  3. With ff I'd guess its a salt build up issue rather than a lack of something.
  4. That was my guess. I'll flush them soon. Last time for ffof, switching to organic

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