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  1. Well sunday morning like 2:00 a.m. I was wasted riding home with these people. I left my phone in their car and the next morning I called it. the guy who drove me home's girlfriend answered then he talked to me and they said they'd drop it off later. Its now today, tried calling my phone again to see if I can just go pick it the fuck up. Nobody answers and shit. These are the type of people who would steal it and sell it.

    Heres the thing. I'm wondering when I should call Verizon and let them know my phone was lost, and to lock it. Verizon can do that shit so it can only be used when I let them know I have it. If I can't contact this guy and get my phone back soon I'll need to do that. Also, hes good friends with my dealer. I buy a lot from my dealer, like I'm probably one of his top buyers. If I don't get my phone back, he can find new people to sell to, and have fun getting bad rap.

    I now have to wait for my friend to be contactable so I can get his sisters number, call her, get this guys number, and attempt to get my fucking phone. If they tell me they lost it I'm calling bullshit, having it locked, and stopping my contact with them. Whoever they sell it to (if they do intend to keep it) won't be too happy when it gets locked.
  2. i would get it turned off and when you get it back get verizon to turn it back on.
  3. Yeah I'll be doing that soon here today since they obviously aren't answering it for whatever reason.
  4. This happened to me a few weeks ago. Except mine wasn't used at all.

    First of all, shut the service off now! (temporary, you can do it online, i have Verizon)
    There is no sense in letting them use up your minutes. You can always turn it back on.
    See if you can get it back.
    If not, go into a verizon store, tell them your phone has been stolen, and they will give you a pamphlet about insurance (if you have it)

    If you have insurance:
    file a claim with the insurance company
    Welcome To Asurion's Online Resource Center

    If you didn't get insurance on it, you can track it, but only when the phone is on.
    This can be done through several companies out there, but they might charge like ~$10.
    Search the web. I don't really have the time to look up everything ;)

    Good luck in getting your phone back!
  5. That's messed up. Hopefully you end up getting it back.

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