Phone keylogger?

Discussion in 'General' started by atmosphere1991, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I've heard that there are some keylogger's out their that record text messages. I've heard of flexispy has anyone ever used this? Does anyone know were I could fight a free sms keylogger. My buddy is trying to catch his cheating wife and we can prove it with something like that

  2. thats illigal and tis might be breaking a sight rule might wanna del this thread
  3. Not illegal if he's paying for the phone tho? Right?

    What rule am I breaking??
  4. Smoking pot is illegal to :eek:
    But we all still do that
  5. Most of the time, it is very difficult for us to define what is legal and What is illegal. Keylogger is said to be illegal. However, if parents use keyloggers to monitor their kids to keep them use the Internet appropriately. It should be legal.
  6. However in this case it is not illegal. Its technically his friends phone since he pays for it.
    His friends wife just uses it. He could put a keylogger on his phone and monitor what texts she gets.
  7. Search terms:

    Bluetooth hacking

    There you go :)
  8. How about go get the fucking text/calls from the phone company? Goddamn dumb stoners.
  9. I'm sure it varies from company to company but my wife and I had an issue with Verizon a while back (no cheating or anything of the sort, we were told we sent a text to sign up for a service at $20/mo) where we needed our text messages. They told us that we would need a supeona to get our own text messages. :eek:
  10. My service would have been terminated on the spot, without paying a canceling fee. They just wouldn't get any cash from what they billed ever again.

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