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Phone calls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrHighFlyer, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. dont you just hate those really important phone calls that you have to pick up and youre super baked and not really thinking straight??
  2. ruins my high man
  3. yeah lol , it's not that bad . sometimes your just too high to communicate with people.especially if there's lots of questions being asked lol . its good when they call and have some unexpected good news, like maybe there bringing you some food then your in a good mood cause of the good news lol . :rolleyes:
  4. i hate that. ive had ex girlfriends and shit call me but im just too fucking baked to understand whats actually being saidXD
  5. I usually just don't answer, I avoid phone calls when I'm high.
  6. I have never really had important phone calls when I'm stoned. Pretty lucky xD my parents text me, so I'm good. Though I do hate getting phone calls from friends while I'm in the process of hitting a j or some shit and they wanna plan something out. It's like... I'm wayyy too fuckin stoned to make plans right now. I'll call you back in 20.
  7. you get used to it. i used to get paranoid when Ma or pops called back in the day but now i don't care at all.
  8. Maaan, just got sum food delivered and the guy 1. called my cell and 2. rang the doorbell like a mofo; scared the living Jesus out of me; it was dark and I got up, knocked some pans over with my elbow; made a lot of ruckus and it's in da middle of the night.....the lamb's good, though..goes well with Cabernet ;D

  9. I do too but there are some that you just have to pick up like a call for a job interview or something.

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