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  1. I usually don't have a problem with them, they have to make an honest living somehow too, I mean...someone has to do the job. It's just when they keep nagging on about something, it can get a tad bit annoying. Or really annoying depending on voice.
  2. i agree it is her job, so i always do my best and be patient/polite with them.

    a simple, "no thank you mam, i'm not interested" then a hang up would suffice.
  3. i know!! i hate that crap they always call looking for my mom (she owes $$$) but she dont live here no more so i answer and im like "SHE AINT LIVE HER NO MO!!!" and they normally hang up or they apologize and say well take you off our list and not 1day later them motruckas call again:mad:
  4. Lol bill collectors and telemarketers aren't exactly the same. But ya, I know what you mean. Those assholes would rather take your last twenty for food all week than leave you alone when you can't afford to pay them. In my experience, it's best to get a debit consolidator in those situations. They can get the total payment and interest cut WAY down and you just pay some small minimum fee with all bills combined into one. Saves you alot of money, and keeps them off of your back.

  5. Aren't you satisfied with the amount of advertisements your are subjected to daily?

    I don't need people calling me at home to sell there cheese filled products.
  6. well being a person whos actually DONE a job like that for around 8 hours straight a day.
    just do the friggin survey... the time it takes to say no and shit. is usually about the same time the survey would be done.

    and if you really do hate people like us that much. PLEASE FUCK AROUND WITH US,

    my day consisted of 1000s of hangups and answering machines. hundreds of fuck offs.. but i always like the people who fucked around. cause it gave me that little bit of motivation XD. not to mention something to talk about. and if you do just hangup. or say no. we just stick you back on the call back later. its something we have to do. so its better to get it over and done with
  7. I've fucked with them on occasion.
  8. midway through this thread directv called me about a special offer for showtime they have
  9. i always just ask them if theyd be interested in lowering their insurance rates or buying a dream vacation package, they get really confused and i get really amused. beats getting all pissed
  10. rofl ima do that next time:d

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