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Phlegm recently ... hmm ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by buddytheguy, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. So about 3-4 days ago i started to cough occasionally, coughing up fat globs of goober (phlegm)
    its become alot more common, anyways it kinda hurt to smoke today so should i just quit until im all healed up? although i was taking fat tokes, cause i was skiing and wanted to finish the bowls quick so i could rip.... any idea what it is?
  2. Cold weather maybe? Are you normally in a cold weather climate or just while you were skiing? Or you could simply be catching something.
  3. i had a pretty bad sinus infection the past week and i was coughing up yellow and green phlegm all day, if you are doing the same, don't fear, its just a minor infection and wait it out. i do recommend antibiotics too, i used them and it cured within 3 days of me starting 1 pill a day
  4. theres not been any green.. it doesnt really hurt that bad to cough it up
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    Well that's an easy answer.. Stop smoking for a bit, but that doesnt mean you cant get high. Make some weed recipes (firecrackers are quick and get you baked) :hello:

    also, ive had that happen to me before (when i had my little cigar phase which probably didnt help either). I started coughin up phlegm last month for a bit and my chest was hurting. just slow down, take it easy and if you do smoke don't hold it in for ridiculous amounts of time.

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