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  1. Since this is a marijuana board, I figure that plenty can be said about Phish. So, I'm posting this so people can say whatever they want about Phish. By the way, I'm going to see them TONIGHT! 15 rows from the stage! YAY!

    Favorite songs:
    Theme From The Bottom
    Story Of The Ghost
    Billy Breathes
    You Enjoy Myself
  2. I moving it...slowly but for surely. :)

    phish is great. I havent pulled out a live on in a while until a few nights ago, sitting outside on the deck, during sunset, with cocktails, and phish jamming in the background. very nice. have fun at the show! should rock them there socks off. lol socks at a phish show?
  3. Sorry guys, I'm still new, just figured out that there was a music forum :/ But thanks, I should have a great time. I'll let you know how it was.
  4. no worries, youll find your way around the city in no time :)

  5. if not... im sure you'll be happy to be thier tour guides.....:)
  6. hey what do you all think are phish's best live cds. theres so many and i want to know which you guys like the most.

  7. Man you from maine? I wish I could go see phish. No money. I'm from M.E. If evey body doesn't know why I asked then you should read rolling stone magazine. They held a big concert ( three days I think) at this old army base. there were like 25 arest ( mostly drug arest. pot probly) venders were sellin THC infused soy milk. YYuuumm
  8. hey man, if your still posting here (not sure if you are) then you should tell us how the concert was! Phish rules, I get to see them next summer for my first time, going to Farm Fest too, so it should be lotsa fun
  9. who all plays at farm fest is it just like jam bands and stuff?
  10. last i heard

    like moe., WSP, String Cheese. So yea pretty much jam bands

  11. I saw some country dude on tv today. he was playing at farm fest so it might be a lot of country bands too.
  12. I've seen Phish, Widespread, and MOE. all in concert and they all r0x0r my s0ckz0r. Phish was the best cause i tripped shrooms and smoked countless bowls with this stranger who appeard beside me. one of the best nights i can remember.

    To everyone who likes jam bands, Bonnaroo is where its at.

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